Rising Star Journal #53 : 1st Giveaway Today!

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Hello everyone! How is your weekend? I hope all of you are doing great and keep on leveling and get those Starbits!

So today give away result!

1178 Starbits (690 + 488) goes to - @tampilyne


NFT card 28 Nathan goes to - @tommyl33


Congratulation to all winner and thank you to all participant!
@tampilyne @menzo @tommyl33 @hhayweaver @supriya.gupta @globetrottergcc

If you guys still going to participate on the next giveaway do comment below with your Rising Star username :)


Today's Progress in @risingstargame


My current achievement:
Total mission = 1641 / 2000

Home Town
Illegal Busking = 380
Open Mic Night = 155
Mid Week Support = 106
Licensed Busking = 18
Midweek Headline Slot = 32
Saturday Support = 8
Saturday Headline = 33

Local Gig Circuit
Radio Interview = 303
Radio Studio Session = 11
Shopping Mall Performance = 193
Record A Demo = 23
Local Festival Acoustic Tent = 23
Local Mini Tour Support = 18

Left 359 mission to go to 2000 total mission!

Below are my current rank as for today.
Highest Rank: #132
My current rank went up to #132 from previous rank #138.

My current card collections :
Common People cards:
32/36 : 82% Obtained (+0%)

Rare People Cards:
37/44 : 84% Obtained (+0%)

Epic People Cards:
4/14 : 29% Obtained (+0%)

And that is for today's progress at @risingstargame .

Keep on ROCKING!! and HIVE ON!!
Current Market (STARPRO)
Highest Bid : 3.000000 (Lower than yesterday)
Lowest Ask : 3.327300 (Lower than yesterday)

Current Market (STARBITS)
Highest Bid : 0.000339104 (Higher than yesterday)
Lowest Ask : 0.00041395 (Higher than yesterday)

The Starbits price is still in stable range for 58 days and same as Starpro price still stable for 10 days.

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🤩🤩🤩got rewards..ty bossku..want join next round again

sent reward

hahaha welcome2, walaupun typo >.,,< masih valid

reward sent

Congratulations to the winners. I join the draw.

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sure of course ! :D I will put your name to the next draw!

Nice progress bro!

I want to participate in the next giveaways! IGN: shiftrox

thank you! and sure can bro! xD I will put your name into the next give away.

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Thank you for stopping by!! xDD

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Count me in, please. @hhayweaver

sure can :)

I want to participate! @amaillo

sure can, your name already added into the list . :) good luck

Thank you for the contest new to game username: lacandela

Nice one I want to join!!

sure you can! your name is already added to the list for next giveaway :D good luck!

Hi man , nice stats. Count me in for next giveaway !

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