Total Capital , Two Booster Cards I Like And Total Missions Of Rising Star

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Hello friends.


I've been playing Rising Star game for almost a month now.

HIVE 10 and Starbits 157975 has been added as Game Capital.
The Starbits 157975 is worth HIVE 56.397 at today's price of 0.000357 HIVE.
Therefore, my investment in Rising Star Game is HIVE 66.397 or over USD $ 40.

Therefore, I will stop investing in Rising Star Game.
If there is a need for new missions, additional capital will be required.
Now, let's move on to Rising Star.

In today's post, I will list two of my favorite Booster Cards.
These are Pizza Box and Cold Pizza Slice.


The Pizza Box is for storing Discarded Pizza, which can be delivered at any time from the game.
A piece of discarded pizza is 100% full of energy.
I bought Two Pizza Boxes to use pizza when I needed it.

I received a piece of Cold Pizza Slice 24 hours after I have used.
A piece of Cold Pizza Slice also provides 100% energy.
I bought Two Cold Pizza Slices to recharge 200% of energy per day.

The following table lists the total missions completed to date.

Illegal Busking105
Open Mic Night30
Mid Week Support32
Licensed Busking13
Midweek Headline Slot12
Saturday Support16
Saturday Headline25
Radio Interview51
Radio Studio Session4
Guitar Fair8
Drum Fair21
GIFT Charity Gig1
Basic Singing Lesson13
Guitar Lesson21
Piano lesson17

How are you doing?

Thank you for everything.

Tin Aung Soe


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