(ESP-ENG)Rising Star!!! Desbloqueando nueva zona de la ciudad y mi primera carta especial - Rising Star !!! Unlocking a new area of ​​the city and my first special card

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Rising Star Semana 4.png

Mi cuarta semana en el juego y es mi favorita, te cuento porque: Gracias a un obsequio pude abrir la nueva zona de la ciudad "Mid Range Acoustic", Gracias javier42.
Con esta carta abro la nueva zona siento que puedo avanzar y seguir ganando Starbits.

My fourth week in the game and it's my favorite, I'll tell you why: Thanks to a gift I was able to open the new area of ​​the city "Mid Range Acoustic", Thanks Javier42.
With this letter I open the new zone I feel that I can move forward and continue to earn Starbits.

Sin título3.png

Mi estado actual despues de unas compras de sobres en la que creo que me fue genial gane mi primera carta Special. "Father Earth"
My current state after some envelope purchases in which I think it was great for me, I won my first Special card. "Father Earth"

Sin título4.png

Fans 1158
Lucky 521
Skills 2121

"Father Earth"

Sin título1.png

Gracias por ver el post.


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Lucky score on Father Earth, i just opened 12 Packs and he was nowhere to be found!

Thanks i dont know about the mission XD

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The father Special season mission? You can get special edition cards. You don't know how to do this?

Now i Know. thanks

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