Finally 5k Vibes Power - Vibes Giveaway

9 months ago
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I have successfully reached the 1/2 of my Vibes power target.

The goal remains the same 10k vibes power as soon as possible and if the world does not see the opportunity in musicforlife and continues to sell, at a much undervalued price it will be very easy.

I want to celebrate this success with you and I offer you 3 prizes, all you have to do is like this post until May 11th.

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30 Vibes
1 persone
20 Vibes
3 persones
10 Vibes
5 persones


awesome initiative sir. I help pay forward with my own full Vibe upvote ;) Best of luck with the journey to 10k and thanks for the giveaway.

I join the draw

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boom nice work, you got some vibes!

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Congratulations is an excellent goal, we also trust a lot in this project, we are about to achieve our first goal, which is 1,000 vibes power, thank you for motivating us

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Awesome!! :)

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Congratulations" I join, thanks

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Good luck anyone.

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I just dropped by to wish you well, and drop some VIBES + !PIZZA

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@whoismyhero! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @andy-vibes.

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