My point of view about the Google Ads situation

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We need a revenue stream, and taking advance of the Google ads system before we get a better solution I think is the best choices.
The is just an interface, you content can be displayed somewhere else with ads you can't controll that, is not like you endorse someone if your article display ads. You are here for the censorship resistance this has nothing to do with the ads.
Nobody is censored you is just a revenue stream that give independent small artist's, fans, music lover's a way to monetize their content.
You must see it just like a sinking method that add value to the Vibes token and hey if you don't like ads just use adblock, follow the #hashtag somewhere else peakd, etc.

I really like the ads update and I strongly recommend to continuing displaying them.

What do you think? Comment down below your pov.

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I agree with you. Ads are simply a revenue stream, and we should, as a community, take advantage of any revenue streams we can, as long as they are appropriately allocated to the tokenomics and in turn the community. I say this with the caveat that we do not sign any contracts that are not somehow put through governance. In other words no long-term commitments without approval.

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I have no problem with ads on the front page or wallet, but yes if there is an ad in your content then you are endorsing that product/company. If you wear a shirt that says "farts smell great, buy farts now" you are endorsing farts and the fart salesman. If someone puts a pin on your shirt that says "I <3 Farts" and you leave it there, you are endorsing farts. everyone who sees you will think "hmm this guy loves farts and he's pretty cool... should I like farts?". Same goes for an ad on your content.

Not that ads can't have a place, but I wouldn't use a platform that made me endorse content without my consent. You may as well be painting "I love farts" on my forehead. (no offense to fart lovers)

This may sound trivial, but many if not most corporations today are involved in stripping the earth of resources, exploiting humanity, massive pollution, and much worse. For anyone who believes in personal responsibility endorsing these monsters is not trivial.

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