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Hi music lovers and artists, I wanna thank you again for the amazing opportunity that you give me with the Radio Station.

Just a kind reminder that if you are on the website and want to listen to the radio station you can use the pop-up button and the radio will don't stop when you are navigating the community posts.

Screenshot 2021-07-31 074249.png

If you have a podcast or music-related content that what to be on the M4L Radio Station feel free to contact me on discord.

The news


I'm working right now for a permanent solution to get you in front of more and more people and for that, I will create a permanent Twitch and Youtube account that will stream our radio station.

The royalty
We have now over 1700 vibes in the @radiostation account that are for you guys. Thanks to the contribution of the music for life devs.
I think we should distribute this amount in multiple months, giving more and more artists the possibility to join in.

The distribution will be 300 Vibes each month + any kind of revenue that we will get in that month.

Any idea is really appreciated and hope you will join me and others on discord .

The numbers

Artist Number of Plays Listeners Royalty
@StickUpBoys 4591 1560 163.97
@Trentonlundy1 1248 420 44.37
@Ravenmus1c 1052 344 36.92
@Gribbles 669 287 26.77
@Loganhate 404 146 14.85
@STAYTEN 210 77 7.77
@ivanc |Black Eye Butterfly 100 30 3.37
Juxta 56 18 1.95

All the new artists will get a 20 Vibes BONUS. Also a big thanks to @ravenmus1c for helping out with the radio management.
The payment will be sent to you from the @radiostation account. Thanks again.

Looking fw to any kind of feedback and suggestions.

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Hey that is awesome, well done for making this happen, will have a think and then get in touch on discord. Nice work! !PIZZA




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Oh wow, 210? ...Cool beans!
I thought it'll be like 10 or 20 plays (all from me lol)

Got me way more excited for this! I'll drop into Discord soon :)

!WINE cause why not?

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this is a beautiful thing!! Thank u :)

@trentonlundy1, ¡lo siento!

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That's amazing! So glad to see it taking off!

Would you be interested in an audio version of Radio Evolved to include each week? Some of it relates to things I show on the screen but most of it is just music from the community.

DM me in Discord if you are.

Cheers and rock on \m/

Sure. This will be great.

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Amazing, tyvm for the support, It is a great help

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