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After a long analysis of the content that is posted on the music for life platform, I have decided to start downvoting the poor and no brain content, also giveaways that are just masked vibes pool milking.

If you really want to do a giveaway you can at least make a decent amount 3k startbits are 0.7 hive this is a 0.25-0.30 $ is just ridiculous if you are getting a 3$-5$ profit on each and every post you are just scamming the people and helping only yourself!

The risingstars posts, many of them are really poor content and don't add any value to the musicforlife platform from my point of view. You have a community that was created by Jux and you can freely use it, but when you have nothing to say just that you have finished a mission or daily progress of your game...

I will love to see on musicforlife quality content, that has something to do with the music in general.
The music subject is so vast that you have no excuse to get my upvote for poor and no brain content.
You can talk about artists and create history articles, blogs, curiosity about them.
You can create a music history article each and every day.
You can create and share experiences from the concerts you have been to.
You can share your karaoke.
You can share your music.
You can share your open-mic.
You can create tutorials for instruments.
You can create instruments review.
And a lot more... Share your real passion for the music and don't be lazy.

You can be for real my hero, I will try to help you as much, as I can. If I like the content that you post you will get up to 1k Vibes power delegation for up to 30 days.

Let's build a better chance for musicforlife to be and became for real an added value to the hive ecosystem and to the music industry.

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Just saw your post and I do feel I need to adjust my giveaways too even though I give out decent amount of cards everyday. Besides at the rate I am going it is not sustainable forever. When I first started the game what kept me playing was winning cards from other’s giveaways. I was unable to accelerate in my progress without additional cards I won from the giveaways. I don’t think many realized how difficult it is unless they already have a foundation built. Same goes for the music4life platform. With a decent Vibe upvote I have been spreading it to my giveaway participants. I do not know if all music4life fans know this. So Now I just need to find a way to boost Vibes demand too. I at least get attention on my blog which I am very grateful for but at the same time I need to do better with my vibe upvoting. Thanks.

I totally agree with you.
I am in Rising Star from the biginning and love the game, as it is great fun and also a chance for musicians like me. I think its totally ok, that people post about the game.
But the ratio between RisingStar posts and other posts, or between quality posts and poor posts is very wrong. If we don`t manage to improve the content here in general, the musicforlife platform will not survive in the long term in my opinion.

I miss good and quality content about unique and selfmade music on musicforlife. There are only few articles about this. I am a musician and I have alot of"hopes" in the platform. Not only to find listeners and fans for my own music, but more to find great musicians, awesome selfmade songs I can support, cooperation partners for projects and stuff like that. But I really have to SEARCH quite a bit to find some posts about original music. Thats kind of sad in my opinion. I think the main goal should be to drag more musicians to the platform.

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I get what you saying, I do try and add some value to my rising star updates. But honestly the players all love reading each others updates. It is sometimes very skinny, but I don't think all of them are bad and deserved to be punished. And they are music related soo....

But I 100%agree with regards to the giveaways. Some even make it dependant on vibes vote on the post. So clearly milking the system.

I totally agree with you, I entered this community very excited but now I see that they were only talking about the game, and I love the game but I think that everything has its place

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Thanks for the publication clarifies some doubts and motivates me to continue improving my publications. Thank you

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You can also do reviews of musicians on HIVE and RisingStar radio! hint hint wink wink hahaha

I wonder if we can suggest tags for posters and control what tags get shown on the front page?? It would be cool if #originalmusic #livemusic #musicreview #risingstarcontest and the like were on top instead of neoxian archon gems and the like.

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I understand, the point. I'm going to tweak my giveaways ... I keep sharing that many like to read about the rising star's progress, which is my case, I follow the rising star community more than anything.

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the downvote is only for plagiarism and is not the solution, the platform is not going to die, if there are many people making giveaways, it means that there are more people entering musicforlife to write and receive giveaways for the giveaways, we have to think is how to earn more with the visits of the users or use the power of the giveaways to promote risingstar and musicforlife equally and collaborate with each other, so we have more activity in the community, our priority is to promote the original content of the musicians.

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Totalmente de acuerdo contigo, yo ingrese hace muy poco y realmente me apasiona la música y he visto publicaciones sin sentido, la idea de esta comunidad es precisamente mejorar la calidad de las publicaciones, y empezaré yo también a mejorarlas

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Just a quick boost before your VIBES payout comes...
Enjoy .... !LUV !PIZZA

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EXCELENTE POST querido amigo !!! te deje mi opinión con otro post que hice dando mis razones del porque esta sucediendo esto en musicforlife, si lo quieres leer puedes darle click aquí se que podremos ser portavoces para que haya un cambio en la comunidad para el bien de todos. / EXCELLENT POST dear friend !!! I leave you my opinion with another post I made giving my reasons why this is happening in musicforlife, if you want to read it you can click here I know we can be spokespersons for a change in the community for the good of all.

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Great post! @whoismyhero, It's about time someone talked about it, for days now I've noticed a drop in votes for my posts; Not that I think I deserve large sums of vibes, but I do consider that I post decent content and could earn a little more. However it seems to be that the votes are filtering one way, the irony of it all is that the benefit is minimal, just as you say 🤷
It's very sad this situation, as I'm sure many put effort to publish their content, spending hours of their time on them and in the end they are demotivated by the low rewards. If this continues I fear that many will migrate to other communities..... It would be a shame, because musicforlife is a beautiful community to take advantage of. I hope this will be solved soon... Greetings!

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You can make a change only if you are going to stake also the Vibes and start to curate. I have delegated you 200 Vibes that will help you curate content that you like.
I really appreciate your content but I'm just a person and sometimes I do not have time to curate all the content.

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Wow 😯 thank you so much @whoismyhero! I will know how to take advantage of it, one alone can only do so much so I will try to do my bit to make a change. cheers!

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