| Juxta Live - Mixture of Electronic & Acoustic 20.03 - 20:00 UTC

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Just a remeber that you are just in time to buy tickets for the Juxta Live - Mixture of Electronic & Acoustic event.

This is going to be a test event in order to find the best solution for the streaming process, we have boosted the discord channel to level 3 and we should have the best audio quality and live streaming.

We have still some issues to discuss because seems like Discord didn't have full support for the obs and is more intended for phone live events but I'm pretty sure we will find a solution.

@Jux have set the Price ticket to 1 Vibes just for the test run, buy now a ticket and participate in the live event and I will do a giveaway. Didn't decide what the prize will be but stay assured that is worth the ticket money that you pay.

If you want to submit an event or do you know someone that want to stream a live event just submit the event on the Vibes.Show page.

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If we can't figure out how to get it to stream to Discord this time it may have to be on YouTube. I know this means you could watch it for free but in the words of Freddy Mercury: "the show must go on!".


Awesome, I just got a ticket. Looking forward to it.

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I bought a ticket to support the effort and will look forward to the show.

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I'm getting my ticket!!!!!

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