- Welcome to the show!

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Welcome to the show!

It is my pleasure to present you the first platform dedicated to Live Events for the M4L community with Vibes at its core.

For the Artist

This is dedicated to all of you that need a launchpad and an easy platform to connect with your fans and maybe also raise some cash in order to sustain your passion. Now you can easily sell tickets for your online events. We only take a small 5% cut that will be divided between teams and burn in order to increase the value of Vibes token.

For the Fans

The artist will receive the payment after the events, no upfront payment, this protects the customers if the event has not taken place- they will receive a refund. The Live Events will take place on the M4L discord channel We have boosted it to level 3 so you will have the best audio quality/ live streaming and more. You will receive access to the event channel after the purchase of the ticket.

You can start submitting your live event here.

  • More types of events.
  • NFT reward for each ticket that a person bought, collect them and get a granted entry to a next event.
  • After event.

  • As I said, I'm not a blogger, I'm more a business-oriented person, and when I see a good opportunity I try my best to get as much as I can from the deal.
    This project is a win-win situation: the community gets the opportunity to have a platform where Artists and Fans can match together and it gives the VIBES token a real-life utility.
    I'm here for the long run and you will see more down the road.

    What a fantastic initiative for us musicians!
    I will mention this on Radio Evolved later at 20:00 UK time on my YouTube channel.


    Thanks for everything Jux.

    Awesome work.

    And props for the commitments as well - interested to see how this develops - and what else you come up with.

    Thanks Gribbles for the feedback pre-launch.

    You are more than welcome. 😅

    Just shout if you ever want a bit of gribblywisdom (such as it is! 🤣)

    1000% amazing bro!! thanks, im gonna follow your advice and create a DAO to help devs to create stuff for the tribe :)


    Wow mate, did you create this platform? This is awesome.

    Yes, just for the M4L community.

    A great opportunity for artists to post their content and receive rewards!

    I'm excited about this! Me and @orkhammer are cooking up some songs to play live and I think this will be a perfect fit when we are ready!

    This is great news, looking forward for your event. I will buy for sure a ticket.

    Yes my man! Looking forward to hearing this!

    This is awesome.

    Absolutely brilliant my friend!
    This will be a fantastic boost for us live performers.
    I'll be in touch about the Darren Claxton Live gig very soon.
    DC 🙏

    very good opportunity for artists to show their talent

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    This is very interesting to me! I will take a closer look.


    Esto si es contenido bueno te felisito.gif

    nice, excelent work! ;)

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