Riverside Portable Scratch Sessions- Nomadic DJ is Back!

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What's up everyone! Wanted to bring you guys a little portable scratch session out at a park by the river using my customized Numark PT01 scratch portable turnable! Yep, the Nomadic DJ is back in action, lol!

Now that I am full time van life and not tied down anywhere, there are going to be some more videos like this from random places.

This is a little beat from the looper section of the Mixtrack DJ application on iOS, honestly I forget the name of the DJ... sorry.. lol. The scratch record is the 7 inch Yo Cuts 3 from Richie Rufftone.

I give a little basic overview of what is happening, then the scratch action begins! It's been a while and a little rusty, so forgive me, lol.

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Keep calm and groove on!

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Dope to meet another SKratch DJ fam on the bloks, love the review and the kutts u did check me out. keep those videos comin I just followed u also to keep an eyes on your blog and show support.


Thanks! Want to turn this segment into a travel music blog kinda thing, finally in a position to get it done

sounds dope and def go for it, Im looking for more scratch dj's in our Hive community Im planning to kick something soon in here if u interested to be involved please do let me know also drop me your socials so I follow u if u post anywhere else like IG, Twitter, etc..


Count me in!

Please make sure to go give the @groove-logic account a follow for more music coming soon!

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