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As I mentioned recently, I’ve been trying to be more fluent in Spanish. There aren't many options currently offline to learn the language. I used to do that at university but that’s about it. It dawned on me when I was in Bali. I really wanted to mingle more because there were more Spanish speakers and though I can understand, I was just not advanced enough to learn idioms, slangs, etc. I can get by for 5 minutes into the conversation but the rest, that’s going to be a challenge. I find writing much easier than speaking which is why I joined Tandem, a language learning app that offers the ability to practice speaking online.

In tandem there are chats but also party options that let users join random language speaking parties with various topics. Since my main focus has been Spanish, I mostly joined them and listened while many of the people allowed me to express myself. They were really nice for sure. However, when I joined the regular English language party, not more than once, I get questions about how long I’ve been studying English. I guess because I don’t have the look and I am not from english speaking countries, they wondered how I could speak fluently.

From the app, I also met so many people who just showed me interesting facts or trivias about their country. Some were so chatty and some were more laid back. I try to allocate 2 hours to 4 hours of my time learning Spanish and join these parties. It can get addicting for sure but since I have to stick to my goals, I tried not to get carried away. By now, I can understand more when people say something in Spanish and just try to speak it more confidently.

In that app, there were many accents and one of the things was, mostly south america than spaniards itself. So, since my lecturer was catalan, many of the words I knew were much different from what I remembered. Even someone told me Catalan and Malagan sounded more different. Since I want to handle simple conversation, I think speaking the majority that are used is better than speaking things that are less used.

It’s a nice environment to be in just because everyone has the same goal, learning language. I believe that language has to be used/practiced daily otherwise, we lose the fluency of it. In that app, I met so many people who are polyglot and was able to speak many languages fluently and close to native.

Maybe in a few months, I’d be getting more fluent in Spanish, who knows? I’d just have to practice and use it daily. Since there were many natives around that were willing to help me, it was really nice. At the same time, they could also practice English with me.

There were times when people were talking to themselves and some were a bit racist but also PC. I think it’s inevitable though that I can’t always see it through rose-colored glasses. Somehow after talking to these people, my urge to travel comes once again and it’s really nice to hear various experiences and tips from these people. Like there was someone who told me, Manila was actually pretty nice as compared to what I heard previously. Who knows, it could be wrong, it couldn’t be wrong. Maybe once the weather clears up and it’s more sunny, I’d certainly have to go.

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Yei, I'm happy for you, I'm gonna download this app and try it, I would like to practice my speech in English too, like you said, you have to practice everyday in order to not forget it.

I think you will like it. They are mostly nice people and you get to know many people who have plenty experiences in life too. Maybe we come across the app at some point. Definitely you have to check it out!

Hmm I was using Duolingo to learn Spanish and it doesn't has something for talking practise. I'll check Tandem too. Hope it can help better to me.

I saw some Turkish were there too and they are mostly learning English. Maybe you can check that app and see if there's Turkish-Spanish learning party too.

That would be great if there is any. I just learnt macchiata is female version of macchiato thanks to your introduction post 😂

hahaha yes! in romance languages a/o indicates the gender of the speaker/object.

It always makes me very happy when someone says they are learning to speak Spanish, for me one of the most beautiful languages, with a depth and richness that makes the task of learning it perhaps a bit complicated. Each country adds its own essence to Spanish, here in Venezuela we have our own words that we use frequently and may not be understood very well by others. I have had a Colombian friend for many years and at the beginning it was difficult for her to understand certain expressions, in the end we always ended up laughing.

I used to have a hard time practicing my English because I was too embarrassed, but I realized that it wouldn't get me anywhere, to become fluent you have to practice, as you say. Now I use to speak in English with several friends who can help me improve and my readings are mostly in English. I still make mistakes but at least I have the willingness to keep practicing every day.

Espero que sigas practicando,te deseo mucho éxito. ♥️

No wonder! I heard Peruvian had their own ways of talking too. It was really eye-opening that I was exposed to these people. Although as a complete beginner now, it was quite challenging to understand. I think if I were to learn the South America Spanish, it would be Mexican. I think Mexican is way easier and quite familiar to my ears.

You're right, language is meant to be practiced otherwise you're not advancing and will never be fluent unless you live in a place where majority of the people speak said language. So, one way to practice is to expose yourself to the people who speak the language.

¡Gracias, Deséame suerte!

I think it's great to learn a foreign language. Spanish is my mother tongue but I know is more difficult than English 😅. Mucha suerte en tu estudio.

hahah gracias! I think you can do that when you want to learn. There's always a way to!

Is language exchange popular in Indonesia? That's how I learned my Mandarin when I lived in Taiwan. It's great way to learn a new language and to meet friends, some of my best Taiwanese friends were my language exchange buddies, plus it's free!!!!

Yes! it's pretty popular because most students & workers are looking for the chance to improve their English skills. Although there are some who are also learning other foreign languages like Mandarin, Japanese, and Korean which are mostly popular too. I never make long time friends from these app but maybe this time around I will. How long did it take you learning Mandarin before you get to speak like native?

i had signed up years ago, but never used it; now I'm also trying to learn Spanish because of Hive, so might give this another go.
I tend to be a little intimidated though, see how it goes.. LOL
Thanks for posting this and reminding me of it. 👍

So far my experience has been pleasant but it can be ineffective if you don't practice it often. Did you find Tandem to be good?

As I said, I shied away at the time, but will have another look at some stage thanks to your post.. :)
And, yes, daily practice is vital for anything you learn, very true!

I'd love to practice french, seems this app is more advanced than Duolingo. Choosed French as an elective course in school and it's been giving me a hard time so I think this app should help me lots

yeah, it's way more interactive and fun than Duolingo. I met so many new people from this app and even my Spanish has improved a little bit more.

¿Así que ahora puedo responderte en español? Me autoresponderé: SIIIIII ¡Me encantaaaa! 🤗🤗 No sabía que en Bali habían tantas personas como dices que hablan español Mac 😱.

Leí que sabías algo del idioma e ibas a empezar a practicarlo con más frecuencia, pero no sabía que lo hablabas con tanta fluidez 👏👏👏 ¡me encanta!

Que lamentable lo que cuentas de el racismo 🥺, pero supongo que hay de esos en todos lados ¿cierto? También espero que te sientas más motivada y viajes pronto para que seas feliz como lo eres cada vez que viajas.

Te diría que vinieras a visitarme pero Venezuela es muy peligroso actualmente, así que, mejor escoge otro destino 😔💔.

Saludos @macchiata 🤗💞.

It's a dream of mine to visit the coffee place in Colombia so I have to speak the language, right?jajajaja pero ahora estoy confundido que español aprender. Quiero decir, algunas personas me aconsejaron que hablara español, pero algunos me dijeron que probara el sudamericano. Creo que me quedo con el mexicano jajaja es más fácil y me resulta familiar. Sin embargo, recientemente hablé con alguien que ha estado en Colombia, es indonesio y me dijo que es muuuy diferente.

Algunas personas dijeron que el sudamericano lo habla rápido, lo cual estoy de acuerdo, pero me gusta así, hablo rápido y las personas que conocí me dijeron que ya tengo el acento, solo tengo que hablarlo más: D

Además, Venezuela, por lo que veo, no es mala, probablemente solo la política es mala al menos, es igual en todas partes. La naturaleza es hermosa, pero no todos los humanos lo son.

😱😱😱 ¡que emoción que me respondas en español @macchiata! 👏👏👏

Yo también quiero visitar esa cafeteria en colombia créeme, según dicen es el mejor café del mundo, no lo sé, en verdad no los distingo mucho, pero he probado unos de allá y si son ¡únicos!

Lo del hablar rápido es real, algunos dicen que es por el calor jajajaja, el sudor como que nos hace hablar más rápido jajaja. Yo hablo muy rápido, por eso me da pena hacer videos, no creo que me entiendan mucho y mientras más cerca vivimos de la costa, hablamos aun más rápido. Yo tengo costas por todos lados porque vivo en una isla, asi que... 😅😅.

Venezuela es hermosa, pero cuando les cuento a amigos extranjeros siempre les advierto por la inseguridad 😥, ojalá algún día pudieras venir y conocerte @macchiata, aunque no lo creas yo no soy muy sociable como tú, así que solo podríamos sentarnos a ver tú la computadora y yo el teléfono sin hablar una con la otra 😅😅😅😅

Hablas español, chica? xD
a few weeks in argentina and you'll learn all the slangs

I thought so too, going to where they speak the language is always more effective than not.

Si por supuesto. My written spanish is really bad \o\

Que bueno que estés comenzando a aprender español, yo he querido aprender inglés pero a veces me 🤯 explota la cabeza 😅.

Escuché eso a menudo de aquellos que aprenden inglés. No es demasiado fácil, pero una vez que aprendes se vuelve fascinante.

That sounds like a much better way of learning a language than the traditional class or translation book! I can imagine that there are probably thousands of places on Discord where you can test your newfound knowledge too :)

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Discord has a lot of them but somehow I just don't like it. Tandem has been perfect to me. It breaks some of my routine and I just enjoy talking to people and listening people speak in different languages and the ones I am currently learning. Thanks for checking this out. Sorry it took a while to reply 😅

I'm glad you found something that works :)

Sorry it took a while to reply 😅

Unfortunately I know that feeling 😂 Sometimes notifications get away from me too!

Hey! This is excellent, thanks for mentioning that app and I wish you the best of fortunes learning Spanish. I'm sure lots of people here, me included, would be more than happy to help you with the process.

I hope it's going to be helpful for you too!also yes, I am sure you and anyone here would be willing to help me polish my spanish. It's a dream of mine to do the coffee tour in Colombia😄 so I'll get there!

You'll get there for sure! I'll try the app soon and maybe post about my experience too!