' Rafti ' Orginal Music

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Hello and greetings to all of you dear ones My first official music video with the name "Rafti" It was published 2 years ago this music is in pop style i have a feeling that i really like him the song melody and arrangement of this music is done by my dear friend It was a promise of recovery the point is that i recorded this work after completing my military service, and every month i set aside part of my military salary to pay for the music and video of this work. finally, after completing the service, we recorded the work and we decided to make a different video for him we thought together with my photographer friends until we came to the conclusion that we should record our pictures in the heights and in the snow. we left on a friday and went to one of the mountains outside the city and took the video equipment to the height. the conditions were difficult, it was very cold, and the depth and height of the snow on the mountain and the ground was very high It was as if i was up to my knees in snow we recorded our pictures in the snow and returned on the way In order to have a picture at night, we put our wood on the side of the road and in one of the villages to make a fire, a big fire that could warm several people.

Note: i had to be closer to the fire for this reason i felt like i was burning i froze from the cold in the snow and like this by the fire i think it was worth it and i got good feedback from Instagram and i hope to get positive feedback from you here as well Shooting and editing these beautiful
I hope you enjoy watching this video and I 'll be happy to read your mind

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