Chill-Hop & Street Sounds | Backing Track (Instrumental-Original) 🎧 [ENG/ESP]

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[ENG] Greetings, music community! These last few days I have been recording with the sounds of the street, doing percussion with elements of urban everyday life, always with the motivation to innovate and have a good time, this time I was accompanied by a good friend, who was also the cameraman, @luis.colina212, I appreciate those good scenes.

[ESP] Título: Chill-Hop & Sonidos de la calle | Pista de acompañamiento (Instrumental-Original)

¡Saludos, comunidad! Estos últimos días estuve grabando junto a los sonidos de la calle, haciendo percusión con elementos de la cotidianidad urbana, siempre con la motivación de innovar y pasar un buen rato, en esta ocasión me acompañó un buen amigo, que también fue el camarógrafo, @luis.colina212, le agradezco esas buenas escenas.

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[ENG] For this backing track I made three different layers; first, I started with some improvised drumsticks, doing the percussion in the street, then, the next day, we recorded another part of the percussion with an old drum, and to finish a last recording with the acoustic guitar, keeping the simplicity with two chords that I liked at the moment.

  • Recording equipment: Canon PowerShot SX 150 IS.
  • Editing software: Filmora.

[ESP] Para esta pista de acompañamiento realicé tres capas distintas; primero, comencé con unas baquetas improvisadas, haciendo la percusión en la calle, luego, al día siguiente, grabamos otra parte de la percusión con un viejo tambor, y para finalizar una última grabación con la guitarra acústica, manteniendo la simplicidad con dos acordes que me gustaron al momento.

  • Equipo de grabación: Cámara Canon PowerShot SX 150 IS.
  • Software de edición: Filmora.

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[ENG] It makes me happy to be able to share this video with everyone, I had wanted to do something different for a long time, involving the urban scene and the sounds of the city of San Antonio de los Altos; Maybe soon I will use this track to have fun with the electric guitar or with the singing, lets see what happens this week.

That's all for today, music people!

Thank you very much for visiting, also for supporting the music and the arts! Happy Thursday!

[ESP] Me produce alegría poder compartir este video con todos, tenía tiempo queriendo hacer algo distinto, involucrando la escena urbana y los sonidos de la ciudad de San Antonio de los Altos; quizás pronto use esta pista para divertirme con la guitarra eléctrica o con el canto, hay que ver que pasa esta semana.

¡Eso es todo por hoy, gente de música!

¡Muchas gracias por visitar, también, por apoyar la música y el arte! ¡Feliz jueves!


Hi @ricardomello

How cool backing track you have made here!! All the sounds from the street, the cars that are passing by, your "urban drumming", the simple two chords structure... Well done, creative as always.

Btw, how are you? What's new at your side of the planet? 🙃

Hey @mipiano! Everything nice here, getting inspiration, you know! (; I appreciate a lot your greetings and kind words! Today is raining a lot, now I'm preparing myself for some legs workout. What about you!!? I hope you are all right.

Yes, thank you, all fine here 🎵😇
Not so into inspiration like you, but trying my best :)

Your art is amazing (;

😇 Gracias Ricardo 😇