My Actifit Report Card: October 11 2021

2 months ago
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I'm really happy because today with no reason I've been able to wake up pretty early !

Probably because I slept early too but I usually achieve to open my eyes at 11 when I don't have anything to do and I woke up at 8h30 today !

That was a great surprise when I woke up and discovered my phone's new interface. During the night I installed the latest OxygenOS update and it's really different ! Nicer, faster and just better ! But as I understood that will be the last because of their next OS combined with OPPO.

For now I have the OnePlus 6t and it's really great. I think when it will broke I'll buy the newest OnePlus even if it's expensive. I heard they have a great night photography ! Probably better than this one :


Even if I'm impressed by this one, it's really dark outside, the sky isn't making any light and the phone can see it !


That's not really sports, but I moved a lot and was sweating so I'll put it here.

I wanted to clean a little my car since a lot of time. More than 2 months, and each time that was impossible. At my apartment I couldn't plus my vacuum close to my car and when I was at my parents' house it was raining or I didn't had enough time.

So now the time was good with somewhere to plug. it took me around 70 minutes and now it's way better !



I'll don't feel guilty anymore if I carpool with this. That was really messy before that, I'm a little disappointed that I forgot to take "before" pictures to show the difference.

I finally restarted to try to do some sports. I did 50 pushups. 2x20 and 1x10. Not huge but I'm not strong enough to do more :')

I'll try to continue to do at least as much each day and maybe do more in few weeks !


I'm really happy !

The musical clip I'm editing is almost finished I think. My work should be over before the end of the week and after that I could spent all my time on another project where I need to do special effects !


And as I already said before, I'm on screen this time, it's me on the right !

Go listen to the sound here :

My Ryan Reynolds' Challenge also started, today I watched the first movie on the list and the first post should come soon !



Alien Worlds

After a long time without playing Alien Worlds I saw some people talking about a new UI on so I wanted to try it !


The UI is indeed way better than the old one but also really faster ! The rewards are not really huge but you don't have to spend so much time waiting for them now ! I don't know if it will last long but at least now It's not too annoying to claim your TLM. Maybe I'll play enough to mint some new NFT !!

The Ascent

Few weeks ago I tested a coop game with a friend called The Ascent.


It was really good but buggy AF. And 3 days ago there was a 17Go update released. Supposed to fix all those coop issues ! We found a 3rd player and we'll try to play together Thursday !

I hope all the problems will be gone and we'll be able to play it because except the bugs everything was really great ! Or we have Left4Dead for the plan B.


My dCity strategy is still for the moment farming cards and selling them to get more SIM and having enough SIM power to receive a daily HIVE reward. My SIM power is slowly reaching the 8000 but I think I still have some days to wait :


I think that I'll put more of my exceeding SIM onto the diesel pool on with some HIVE.


I once again had a too long fight leading to an equality


It looks like I am pretty good with the Death team, I'm winning most of my battles (except this one ⬆️)

I finished the mission and that time I got a huge huge reward !!!


Damn that's awesome !!


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Only today I earned more than $4 in BCH on !

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