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Here is a production I made. It is a drum and bass style! I have been producing for about 10 years and every song I been releasing has been getting better & better for quality.

It is also my first attempt at doing a drum & bass tempo! I tend to do deep house or electro style bpms so I really enjoyed this challenge. The outcome was really rewarding for me to produce this

This track took about 40 hrs to produce, it could still use some fine tuning as I also self mastered it the best I could. I also created the artwork for it so it has a nice album cover. Free for download on my bandcamp! Link is here



40 hours to make one cool track of around 5 minutes!? I understand the time you spent producing, it is a lot of work. Something similar the classical (and any other genre) musicians are doing, a lot of hours of studying for having some results.
The artwork is also interesting, I like the colors, especially the blue one 👌

Awesome thank you for taking some time to check it out! I appreciate it!

And yes it is crazy the amount of time you can put in for just 5 minute song. I find it rewarding to be able to put what you hear in your head into the song you are trying to produce and share! I hope you could feel the vibe I was trying to portray

it has a dark electro industrial air, I liked!! you must be a little hungry after this job take a piece !PIZZA

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Awesome thank you for checking it out! I appreciate it. I will eat some pizza to celebrate 🙂

Nice one eat !PIZZA

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