Disco Tuesday on a Weekend - time to get back where my brain belongs to

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Oder der Start der EuroTrash Serie für DanceWeekend - ich habe Lust dazu, mein Name verrät ja Musikliebe

2Unlimited - No One

Music and my Tuesday tag

Time to do what I was made for - write about music, spread nice vibes, use my own #DiscoTuesday tag again. Time made me do things I have no idea of - but I miss my music. So for all you music lovers let us engage a bit about music.


Some Disco sounds before 2004

I grew up with a mix of disco, breakdance, early hiphop and Schlager trash - hence some of my favourites of these times, please comment with some of your favourite songs for a little, small Tuesday music party on Saturday!

Sash! - Ecuador

Comment and Have Fun

If you expect high votes or Hive / HBD / Vibes prizes to do so I have to disappoint you - but if you love music and engagement you might benefit from engaging in the long run - especially in the music community as far as I heard.

Some of my personal highlight from the 80ies / 90ies

Sven Väth as singer

ATC - Around the World

Pharao - I show you Secrets...


Great ! I love 1990s dance !

OMG OMG a small @spaminator downvote, tell me what is wrong - you think i copy stuff or my post is just shit? Lemme know so I can improve - Thx!