Sneak Preview: Traveller's Path

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Sneak Preview of the official version of Traveller's Path - releasing Friday 26th November 2021 on @stickupboys Brighton based record label: Stick Up Music - @stickupofficial1

If you use Spotify, you can pre-save the track here:

Lots more Traveller's Path related stuff coming soon, including:

  • Behind the scenes video talking about the creaton of the track
  • An Improvised Modular set using elements of the track remixed and mangled, all live on my Brixton Radio Show! (also be streamed on VIMM and Twitch)
  • Traveller's Path related NFT Artwork
  • Official Video!

Have a great day Hive!

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What's the difference between a taxidermist and a tax collector?
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Fair enough on the music hope this is good for the stickupboys


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