Ghosts on the Path

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This is a sister piece to one of my older pieces and a newer one -the older was a collaboration with a friend - some times I use elements or lyrics of other songs I made because they are related in the theme - like experiences that one revisits and still need processing - today I used some free loops because I am still not well enough top record some new sounds of my own but wanted to make something. I am having weird dreams again so it reflects in the lyrics -

Lyrix :

There was a time when we came here where we truly believed in the cause
there was a time where creation was beautiful

I can feel time shift in this body I’m contained in
and your breath became the ghost beneath my skin

I can see images of people and of places of which I know some I’ve never been
what does this all mean

there was a time where we knew well where the roads that we traveled would lead
but all that seems so distant

like the memories washed from the banks of time
and the corners of my mind

there was a time
there was a time
there was a time
there was a time
there was a time

The loops used were from the following artist avenwav & flsouto

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