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So I've been playing Rising Star for a couple of months now and have found myself enjoying it. It's what you would call an idle clicker, but the leveling up aspect is somewhat addictive and collecting cards is always a good time.

Plus, the game is 100% FREE!

I cannot stress that enough and since there isn't much in terms of "gameplay", most of what you are doing is just leveling up your account by giving time and attention to the missions that you do. Of course there is a little strategy when it comes to planning which cards to buy or managing your ego to skill ratio, but for the most part it is somewhat on autopilot and more of a passive game to play.

As it stands now, I'm earning 2000-3000 Starbits per day. I'm taking about half of that to buy cards for fans and skill, and taking the other half and buying SPS (for Splinterlands).

To be honest, I haven't found any material on the tokenomics behind Starbits so it makes me a little cautious to stack a token like that. I would rather immediately convert into hard capped assets like the card NFTs or SPS.

I would highly recommend it to anyone giving it a look. It's easy enough despite the initial learning curve, and as I said earlier once you get the hang of things it's pretty much on autopilot from there. Take your earnings and reinvest or cash out to support your favorite musicians!

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