Rising Star Giveaway - Win 3 cards : i39 Cheap Electric Violin (ends January 15)

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Thanks to everyone who participated in the previous Giveaway:

@rentaw03 @kuronokenshi @huangjin @middle-earthling @amaillo @valdiva @belhaven14 @tertius @moonthumb @magooz @oxidil @subwaysurfer @whickey @saimaali @plint @sinaida @technocrypton @ravenmus1c @danimv13 @yeckingo1 @uggya @imfarhad @tokutaro22 @methodofmad @rayius @almightygrim @andy-plays @lologom @blitzzzz


Winners: @ravenmus1c @plint @danimv13





Congratulations to the winners and thank you all for your participation, this time I will giveaway Win 3 cards: i39 Cheap Electric Violin:

Cheap Electric Violin.jpg

All you have to do to participate is comment on this post.

You don't need Upvote, Follow or Reblog, but I really appreciate it if you want to help me with that.

If you like, you can follow me, so you don't miss any giveaways, have a very good day.

The Giveaway closes on January 15, the prizes is sent to the winners and the official announcement of the winners is made in the next Giveaway, normally, I make the next Giveaway after having sent the prizes to the participants.


Todo lo que tienes que hacer para participar es comentar esta publicación.

No es necesario Upvote, Follow o Reblog, Pero se los agradezco mucho si desean ayudarme con eso.

Si quieres, puedes seguirme, para que no te pierdas ningún sorteo, que tengas un muy buen día.

El Giveaway cierra el 15 de Enero, se envían los premios a los ganadores y se hace el anuncio oficial de los ganadores en el próximo Sorteo, normalmente, hago el siguiente Sorteo después de haber enviado los premios a los participantes.


Congrats to @ravenmus1c, @plint, and @danimv13!

Please include me in this giveaway. Thank you for offering it. !PIZZA

Count me in 😊 @blitzzzz
Here’s my upvote too 👍🏻

Thanks for the giveaway! Please add me to the giveaway!


!gif thanks

Count me in!

IGN @luizeba

!Gif money


Cuenta conmigo en el siguiente :D

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In once again please, @valdiva


congrats to the winners
please add my name in the draw, thanks
username - imfarhad

Thank you very much! :) Count me in again please. @ravenmus1c

participaré @amaillo


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I am in again. @methodofmad Thanks for the contest.

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I'd like to participate please :) @belhaven14

Please include me


I want to participate @yeckingo1

Here I am my friend @hotspotitaly

Awesome, Thanks! Would love to join again @plint

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Let's roll! @myeong

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