Rising Star Giveaway Fans Card 95 Raj [Daily - ING-ESP]

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Hola a todos los jugadores de Rising Star!

Me complace anunciar que el sorteo anterior ha finalizado!

El ganador fue: @dubble

Felicitaciones tu premio ya fue enviado!

Saludos a los demás participantes:


Hello to all Rising Star players!

I am pleased to announce that the above giveaway has ended!

The winner was: @dubble

Congratulations your prize has been sent!

Greetings to the other participants:

@mario02, @orenj1, @chaosmagic23, @henruc, @danideuder, @vaynard86, @ydaiznfts, @rtonline, @supriya.gupta, @jfang003, @lorddiablo, @ifarmgirl, @luizeba, @coquicoin, @davideownzall, @blitzzzz, @amaillo, @thaddeusprime.





En este nuevo sorteo se dará como premio la carta 95 Raj.

Esta carta tiene 10 Fans y 5 Skill que te ayudara a ganar más Starbits en el juego.


In this new giveaway the 95 Raj.

This card has 10 Fans and 5 Skill that will help you earn more Starbits in the game.



Las reglas.

1- Comentar tu usuario de Hive para hacerte el envió del premio en caso de que resultes ganador.

2- Si lo deseas y si te gustan este tipo de interacciones puedes votar este post, aunque no es obligatorio, si lo haces estaría muy agradecido y me ayudaría a seguir realizando este tipo de sorteos.

3- Y nada más! así de sencillo! solo eso XD

El sorteo se realizará el día de mañana y ese día se publicara al ganador en un nuevo post y se hará un nuevo sorteo por lo que si quieres mantenerte informado solo haz click en seguir para que estés al tanto.


The rules.

1- Comment your Hive user to send you the prize in case you are the winner.

2- If you want and if you like this kind of interactions you can vote this post, although it is not mandatory, if you do it I would be very grateful and it would help me to keep doing this kind of giveaways.

3- And nothing else! it's as simple as that! just that XD

The draw will take place on tomorrow and that day the winner will be published in a new post and a new Giveaway will be made, so if you want to stay informed just click on follow to be informed.





count me in
!gif thank you

Quiero participar Bro

Hi Jose Manuel
Count me in for the giveaway, please
Thank you and happy weekend

Congratulations @dubble 🎉
Good luck all!


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Add me in on this please, thank you lots!

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count me in
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Count me in please @danideuder

I want to participate in the giveaway

Count me in 😊 @blitzzzz

count me in



count me in @jfang003

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Hi, count me in please for another giveaway @hoosie – many thanks !!!

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Congratulations dubble1

count me in the next pls

good luck to all for this giveaway!


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thank you so much for the prize!
please count me in again! Thank you :D

Hello, mate! Please, count me in for the giveaway!!

IGN: @luizeba


Count me in.
IGN: @vaynard86
!Gif thank you

count me in @mophie

Hey there Jose,
Thanks for your giveaway and count me in please today @tengolotodo
Congratulations to the winner and good luck everyone:)
Enjoy the weekend folks!

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I want to participate @supriya.gupta