Rising Star NFT Giveaway R77 Rezz

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Hi everyone, It's really nice to have You here. Today it's a time for another giveaway, i hope You'll like it and enjoy it. Let me know in comment what rare card You would like to see in next giveaway. Have a nice day

R77 Rezz is a card for giveaway:

How to participate in giveaway:

  1. Upvote this post
  2. Follow me, if You don't want to miss any giveaway
  3. Leave a comment with your Rising Star name
  4. 17.09.21 around 16:00 Rising Star game time i will choose random name and i will transfer a card

I hope You'll enjoy, have a nice day

Check out my Special giveaway (ends 16.09.21):


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Can you add me please? @coccodema

Hello, not sure what Rezz is all about, look at those shoelaces... :) Count me in @ruralio

count me in

Count me in please @hhayweaver

Lets go!! @subidu

Let's play! Thanks! @dagum

Count me in please. Thanks 😆

Please count me in for the give away @supriya.gupta

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Count me in @yeckingo1

This is a nice card with good amount of skills and fans. Please add me to the contestant list and my user name is harpreetjanda

Please include me @magooz

Thanks for the contests, please list me for the next :D! user: @alejoca

I want to participate! My username is "skyple"

I want to participate. @zenitsu12

@valdiva raises hand. Pick me!!!!

I want to participate @tokutaro22

Hi, please count me in,

Count me in @senstless !BEER

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Countme in the giveaway @michaeldav

Thank you for the contest username: lacandela

I am in!

I am in!

I want to participate! @amaillo

Count me in


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count me in @dubble

Please include me in the giveaway ;) @finris

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gl to everyone trying for razz @scotty297

I'd like to try for the prize please :) @belhaven14

count me in this giveaway too pls @tawadak24 :) Thank you!

I want to participate in the next one. morenow.

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please add me giveaway @luisheredia309

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I would like to participate.
username - @harpreetjanda

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Hi, count me in please @ghlerter