Yeah Baby! Am I Racey? | Rising Star Pack Openings & NFT #Giveaway Results

8 days ago
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Well, here we are for another exciting Rising Star adventure as we find out who the winner is the #NFT Giveaway is... we also open some more packs & share what else is going on lately....

Of course, as usual, chaos ensues both online & offline that even Pixie Dust can't even fix.... I think I need industrial strength pixie dust fuel to help me cope...

So, grab a beverage (preferably in a @risingstargame or @stickupboys mug) & come along with me for some more craziness & fun...

Another #PixiePowerGaming video in the books!

Have an amazing rest of the week & keep leveling up! Remember you are the RockStar of Your Dreams. Go after it!

*As always, a big shout-out to Jux & the Rising Star gang for making this game & community better each day. They truly are the shining stars! ;)


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Also, a big shout out to the #hivepizza community as well...they keep leveling up as well as we will see a lot more awesome things from them! (They even have movie night!)

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PIXIE!!!! I love your energy and positivity it always shines through so much in your videos. Your editing is amazing and your humour is on point. I'm so excited to see your stream it is gonna be a blast.

You are honestly one of the coolest members here I want to start to upload more videos to 3speak and you are a big reason behind that, keep doing what your doing and rock on girl. 😍


DRABS!!! I am so happy you watched my video & liked it. :) As you can tell, I am a goof ball so what you see is what you get hahah. My streams will just be an extension of that. It will be so much fun! 💚

Thank you so much for your kind words...I actually got a bit choked up lol....I am so glad you are uploading more videos. We all have something to add to the blockchain & we are becoming better versions of ourselves throughout the journey,,,,

I appreciate your support. You are a true gem & cannot wait to collab one of these days as well!

Sending lots of love & pixie dust ✨🧚🏼‍♀️🔮💖


It is gonna be amazing I can't wait, thank you so much for all you do to spread positivity and happiness in this community.

Anytime I see you its always a good time from hanging out in the pizza discord and sucking at trivia lol or from jamming in the atom collector discord to radio evolved it's always a fun and happy time.

@pixiepost(3/4) gave you LUV. | wallet | market | tools | connect | <><

@drabs587(1/1) gave you LUV. | wallet | market | tools | connect | <><

WOOHOO! Thank you so much! Great video as always :)

Woo HOO!!! he he I won't say WHY we are "WOO HOOing" so ppl can watch the video, but so glad you are happy. :)

You're welcome & keep up that awesome music you are doing! I am definitely a fan. 💚🤗


@pixiepost(4/4) gave you LUV. | wallet | market | tools | connect | <><

always love a pack opening never sure what you're gonna get

Ha ha ha that made me think of Forest Gump when he says...


But you are so right - the anticipation of what we are going to get from these packs is half the fun! :)


Oh, it is only now that I realized that you are famous in the #Risingstar, I saw your face as one of the rare cards hahaha !LUV

He he it is MEEE .... I am not sure I am really famous, but the NFT card seems to doing well. :) I hope you were able to get one! I will be having more giveaways in the future so definitely stay tuned.

Thanks for stopping by! :) 💚





Always glad when you pass through here :) That pizza and beer look amazing! Can you ship that to me? 🤣😂💚


Pixie wins.... !pizza

AND BOOM, then Creodas ALSO gets !PIZZA with a little bit of !LUV hehe 💚

Wooow ayer me tocó tu carta un gusto en conocerte saludos

¡Oh yay! Eso es genial. Espero que la tarjeta te ayude a jugar. :) ¡Ahora tienes tu propio polvo de duendes! he he 💚


Muchas gracias y si claro que sí todo ayuda

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Thank you so much!! I appreciate you as always :) Keep up the awesome work! 😀💚

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Thanks for the video, you are very entertaining and i have at least 2 pixie NFT in my Rising star card collection. Congrats and expecting another video once you reach level 100.