Competition To Name The Forthcoming Rising Star Vinyl Album

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We are excited to announce the forthcoming vinyl album release featuring musicians from Rising Star Radio in association with @double-eagle and Twice As High Records.


We Need A Name!

We thought we would ask the amazing Rising Star community to help us name this first vinyl release so what better way than to run a competition!


One week from now we will decide on a winner and they will win a copy of the album as an NFT which will include the full digital download.

This NFT will also be useable within Rising Star in the future (more details about this exciting new feature coming soon).

The winner will simply be decided based on what we think will make the best album title rather than any kind of voting system and our decision is final.

So get your thinking caps on and post a comment with your suggestion(s).

Artists Featured On The Album

@juxtamusic feat. @grandspace
The Stress Cones (@nupulse & @ivanc)
@tlundy47 feat. @winkandwoo

We look forward to reading your entries!
Jux & Sim (@double-eagle).


Call it Busking for Bits :)

Rock on!


!LUV this one!

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Very cool @steevc 😄

Damn, this. Too good

I have a few ideas, so I'll just throw them out there:

  1. Rising Star: New Found Tracks (an acronymous play on NFT)
  2. Rising Star Mix Tape
  3. Ziggy Starbits

That last one is a joke... but consider it an official entry! Thanks for the opportunity... and, as always, it's amazing to see the progress you're making. Cheers!

Ziggy Starbits is inspired

LOL Thanks for that. I really did mean it as kind of a cheeky joke, but I knew that it would strike a chord with enough people. I appreciate the props. It would be a cool title. :)

haha I love Ziggy Starbits.. :)

Thanks a lot! :P

"Pepperoni Bites" 😄




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That is a name that fits a Vinyl that is an NFT at same time.
further more the music you guys do is 80's like, and I am pretty sur it will be back in our ears before long in the future, so again Past and Future ...

The Hive of the Rising Stars

[The H... of the Rising S..]


Wow there are already some amazing suggestions!!!

Thanks everyone!


Appetite for collection

OK, here's a suggestion...Rising Star: On the Horizon

To the moon

Hey, this is great news, congrats.

I'll sleep on it and will come with my suggestion for the name in the next couple of days.

Reblogged :)

Rock and Love

Of course one reason we are doing this is because we couldn't come up with a good title ourselves, so I'm glad to see some ideas already posted! The best I could come up with was Rising Star Radio, which is too bland I think.

Anyway keep them coming and thanks for the support!

I actually really like Rising Star Radio! It's simple and apt... I think it works perfectly, and it's not boring at all. So if my ideas don't get picked, you have my vote. :)

"Block Star Rising" or "Blockchain Star Raising" could be nice names for the album ... I do not know if I will win but for sure, if there is a plan to release this on Vinyl I will buy it.

This would be one of a kind, could actually come with the NFT token like the MP3 download vouchers than come with many vinyls lately. Make 800 impressions and public 800 NFTs, you get your album and because your buy is attached to a HIVE account the NFT is send it to you in NFTShowroom for example.
F*cking cool!!!

(sorry for my french :) )

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Sorry for your french ? ;) I see no french in there "et je m'y connais en Français" ;)





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It should be called Pizza Box


"celestial coordinates"



I like “hivestars”

Rising Stars Country tour :P

hmm, here my ideas:
"Blood, Sweat and NFTs"
"Bridge to the Chain"

Virtual tour 2021

I love the initiative, a musical NTF yeah.
My chosen name Million Music Starbits

Block Party Rising Star Vol 1

Let's go!!!

I present thee:

Rising Star: Genesis

The first decentralized album realeased in an exclusive NFT digital edition for all the Metaverse to own, collect, and above all, PLAY IT!



"Unique but different"

"Rising star Universe calling"


🤔mmm let me think

⭐️Born to be Rise⭐️


⭐️Music for Millionaire⭐️

Here is my proposition : 😎

<< I'm coming back for the future >>

my suggestion is a play on words:
Play Rising

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"Finesse" or "The Finesse" or could be "RisingStar the Finesse".

It is the start of something new album name "glorious dawn"

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Rising Star: The Road so Far

Rock 'n Star

Rising Dreams :D

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Waxing Supermoon or Supermoon Waxing?

I don't know. I'm sure I'll come up with something super clever in about 2 weeks :)

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You really need just one name.


Hello - "Voyage to the stars"

How about something crypto related like..

Waiting on the Moon

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Awesome, awesome, awesome.!!!

Rising Stars for the name of the album? My 2 cents. :)
Much love.!

Blame It On The Blockchain is another that just came to me.

Love this initiative!

'Spin & Mint'

Star Hive

Internet Corners. or
Digital Corners.

  • "Starbit Millionaire"
  • "Buskeria"
  • "Busking for Pizza"

Im delayed but just thought of my entries:

  1. panic at the blockchain
  2. We going to the moon
  3. Starbits & Cold Pizza
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