Rising Star weekly statistics 12.09.2021 + GIVEAWAY!

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Rising Star weekly statistics 2021-09-12

Giveaway details below statistics.
*All statistics come from daily ranking and include only active players.*

Total Card Holders


Top New Card Holders


Name New cards
1 @jupo 476
2 @trentonlundy1 350
3 @marfonso 343
4 @atnep111 304
5 @steemmbolachas 281
6 @looftee 253
7 @hivediver 232
8 @eddiespino 222
9 @liaminit1 176
10 @fuerza-hispana 160

Top Unique Card holders


Name Unique cards
1 @musicuniversity 411
2 @foxon 406
3 @steevc 358
4 @nupulse 344
5 @thatcryptodave 341
6 @kobusu 338
7 @trentonlundy1 332
8 @gribbles 321
9 @stickupboys 311
10 @holoferncro 295

Top New Unique Cards


Name New unique cards
1 @dany786 51
2 @looftee 45
3 @cryptolytical 41
4 @futoon 38
5 @eddiespino 38
6 @gabo-yt 38
7 @fuerza-hispana 38
8 @db0 37
9 @serenidad 36
10 @planchero 35

Top scorer of the week


Name Score
1 @looftee 655
2 @dany786 454
3 @alvarogonz 423
4 @erwinj888 401
5 @daigorokoike 393
6 @db0 376
7 @futoon 374
8 @dissaster 365
9 @eddiespino 364
10 @gabo-yt 344

The most busy artists


Name Minutes played
1 @globetrottergcc 8550
2 @hivediver 8120
3 @nahueldare3627 8020
4 @cryptofiloz 7940
5 @bladejack1991 7595
6 @oxidil 7380
7 @yakartaky 7100
8 @yuran069 7085
9 @javiss 6890
10 @xjonasjonas20 6885

New players

Welcome to the game: @miketronnn, @luisestaba23, @erwinj888, @dissaster, @kazze, @jameslr1, @econnor, @zapmin, @krossmkf88, @ginoboy167, @skyn, @birdbeaksd, @tsiouftelis, @joseam0122, @jul1an, @sendus, @carlscrasher, @p3rzeval, @geoduckamayne, @salazargraffe, @imgm30, @shinhyejoo, @sleaz0id, @dougiebubbles, @ximena13, @nersyl, @luchoplayer, @ijatz, @bernaku, @zaktor21, @kevc993, @javie29, @gnojedymmot, @xjohnyknox, @quelaan94, @dsousa1, @cuco2001, @juliopalomo, @mrpanda1331, @c3r34lk1ll3r, @luisvelozamaro, @galaxikiller, @seryi13, @ilap, @kerryorth, @ritchie2000, @lahedon, @chronocrypto, @kenshiinn1, @ivipollo, @steven689, @jacarsan, @diegovlc, @xmacnofu, @valdetherock, @istarboy369, @haleku12, @kapucha77, @ithanos, @srboguss, @vikkas, @happy132, @stitchcravioto, @carlitos2532, @corydora8080, @rangeladrian03, @prrocrazy99, @nacho774, @zekero, @paraxelcoin, @eythorphoto, @ysabel77, @cgravy, @feanorgu, @yugicolu2, @irevelzi, @isruni, @murbles, @dani1dpm, @donkapone, @rasta9840, @renjiexael, @betsabed90, @chiwallance, @algioma, @angelmc18, @zenitsu12, @chandermilos, @erufailon78, @efrzz, @gianni-benito, @rheiric, @codename02, @saintarmadyl, @jacksonizer, @blackgreen, @absorbtw1n, @madefrance, @okushiro, @iviaxpow3r, @gideongys, @caro900602, @franchescois, @cryptoph0823, @gatiburri, @alexanderqazzz, @andresaoponce, @alexig12, @chemaperal, @rsgodfirst, @mazzaleo, @heyvan2k, @carlosgardel44, @joecariac0, @haydarmohamad, @gerkk, @thecrazydoc, @elemarg25, @juanchoman, @badmusgreene, @v1-ramses, @imasv, @occidae, @extrahot, @baticatgamer, @cruzky29, @leosmar, @migka, @pair, @chunkysoupsvc, @batakita, @deluxefrags, @lovecraft1234, @kdash, @axelx12, @psicobike, @ygomez, @ruralio, @antonimo78, @jrsf, @sodapapiii, @luisgrat1201, @vksman, @derppunk, @nanomnc, @wynella, @carlos.aular, @alitza, @hollowknightgod, @nowa, @openwide, @shirahoshi, @jc-farming, @sebangelion, @qwertyu0, @phantdl1, @njares, @dekagt, @verangel237,

Active players (4 weeks)


!!! Giveaway !!!

>> Results <<

The winner of giveaway is @javiss! Congratulations!

The winner has been chosen randomly on https://hivetools.herokuapp.com/picker/

Other participants: @chuckrick, @amaillo, @tdctunes, @finris, @ruralio, @morenow, @draygyn, @mimismartypants, @kuronokenshi, @cursephantom, @dragon29, @taintedblood, @misterabaddon, @menzo, @zenitsu12, @rafasete, @jesustiano, @ugochill, @trenloco, @rejicoronado, @luisheredia309, @donthaveone, @thaddeusprime, @josman831, @fer.nando, @ifiwasfrank, @celescu, @waldyrdhive, @fireguardian, @servelle, @bencwarmer, @yeckingo1, @dokudot,

>> New Giveaway <<

Reward: R33 Hang Drum

To participate in giveaway just type in your comment "Drum".
Upvotes are not needed but appreciated.

Good luck!

Rising Star Game

© sentipl


Thanks for the giveaway!
Drum me in for the next one!
Stats are interesting too - I errr. have quite a way to go :)


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Drum and thank you very much for the welcome 😄.

Awesome data!!! One day I'll be up there!

I just need a drum to help me in my journey!

Thanks for sharing!


@sentipl! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @fireguardian.

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Would love the Drum :)


Drum :) @finris

Man that is a tin of new players!! Very cool!

Thank fir the stats! I'll take my chances with this drum!

Drum! @yeckingo1



Really cool to get to see the statics, im in for the Drum 🤖


Drum >< @cursephantom

Drum 😉


Drum :)

Nice, always good to read !PIZZA

@sentipl! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @stickupboys.

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Congrats to the winner!

Hang Luck!

Drum :D


I'm dreaming of this Drum

Drum. emm yummyhhh!


Drumm @dragon29


I have no clue on how to say Drum in a liryc of a song and sound funny :C <3

Drum with a boom!


drum @ilap

good luck everyone

Pls count me in


Surprising and unexpected to see my name in the statistics.




@sentipl! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @trentonlundy1.

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Drum ...Thank you!


I want to participate! Drum!

Amazing stadistics, congratulations to the winner. Great job in the recopilation of information.


The dream of drummers is to drum drums in front of thousands pepole xD

Drum. Like a drum.in skyrim

Good to see that I am in the top list at least somewhere😅

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@sentipl! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @risingstargame.

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Drum! Happy to be with you in the band. 👩🏽‍🎤

Please count me in for the give away @supriya.gupta

Thanks for the contest, please list me for the next :D!

thanks for your game and the giveaway!

Muchas gracias por los sorteos, paso para participar, dejo mi voto positivo para que veas que tu trabajo es valorado

Thank you for the contest username: lacandela drum

Great stats! Thanks for your work!

Thanks for the welcome! Drum.

add me please.

Drum =) @razzero39

I won!! yay!! im in for the next one aswell!

maybe ill win some Drum s too


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