🤩My second 12 pack cards Risingstar opening + 1000 Starbits giveaway🤩

last year
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Hi, this is my second 12 pack cards opening in Risingstargame


I was not very lucky with this one as you can see:













No Legendary card or epic, and many duplicate cards especially in rares (3x Remy, 2x Mouse)
Maybe next time i'll be more lucky ?

My stats improved anyway from:



Once again I propose a giveaway of 1000 Starbits in the form of a riddle to celebrate this opening as well as the release of the new James Bond film.

This time it will be more easy ...

To participate you have to give in a comment the title of the movie in which James Bond drives a vehicle that is present in the cards of Risingstar.
One entry per person, the first to find wins the 1000 Starbits.

The expected answer is already stored here:
This message is encrypted. You can decrypt and read it at


I will give the password when the winner is declared.

Have fun and stay safe !


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Casino Royale

Bond drives a Range Rover in this movie.

Hi, that's right, James drives a Range Rover in this movie, but also in many others.
This is not the answer expected, but you can play once more if you want.
(Clue) The vehicle i have in mind is far more unusual in a James Bond movie.

How about The Spy Who Loved Me

James riding the jet ski.

That's correct but still not the answer i'm waiting.
(clue) The vehicle in the movie i have in mind is a car, but really an unexpected one for James Bond, and i like it very much.
You can give another proposition, i hope the good one !

For Your Eyes Only

Bond drives the Cheap Car which is your avatar pic.

Congratulations, you win !

It was indeed For Your Eyes Only with the unexpected cheap car, thank your for the participation, the 1000 Starbits have already been sent.
The password to decipher the message was: "IaoranaVahine"

Thanks! I received the Starbits.

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Add me for the next.

Im in for the giveaway! thanks!