Live From Cannafest Part 1 NFT Has Been Minted!

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First off, I just want to say thanks for everyone that attended the @canna-curate and #Weedcash Cannafest yesterday! It was a good time. We had some productive conversations that has sparked some action in some community members to help market Weedcash!

In effort to help this, I recorded 3 parts of my set and are tokenizing them as single edition pieces!

The first part of the Cannafest set has been minted on my @groove-logic account and is on sale at:

Not only do you get the cool vinyl image and the live production recording, with flaws and all, hey that's the art in it, but you also get a bonus unlock-able file that is a GIF of the vinyl image spinning on a turntable... The GIF was too big to use as the cover image, lol, so you get a bonus!

Each part has a different looking vinyl cover with it!

I am selling them for 210 HIVE each and half of each sale is going into the @weedcash-fund account to help pay for some online and print marketing!

I will release the next edition tomorrow 4/22, then the last one on Friday 4/23!


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awesome you made a music NFT that's so cool the market for these is totally untapped

yeah, I learned that I need to do them a different way. For these I am going to continue because I have a bonus GIF image with the spinning vinyl in the unlockable files, but in future releases, I will do a preview file and the actual file will be in the unlockable. So go follow the @groove-logic account for more of that action!

great i think i have to make wax wallet soon

This is minted on HIVE!

Nice job, hopefully you get a few sales.

Well I fd up I set weedcash-gov I think 🤣🤣


the spinning vinyl bonus download is really cool, I wish I could have used it for the cover, but the bonus image will do

dope music beats...
I would love my hommies to rap on that typa beat cause its lit 🔥🔥🔥
210 hive ain't a bad amount to invest in such a project.
Makes me wanna hit the power down option 🤣

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It helps out the weedcash community as far as marketing. I appreciate the feedback!