Live From Cannafest Part 2 NFT Has Been Minted And Is For Sale!

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Part 2 of the Live from Cannafest 4/20/21 had been minted on @nftshowroom! This NFT features a cool looking vinyl record image, and a bonus download if you purchase that is a GIF of the vinyl record spinning on a turntable. It's a cool bonus image for sure and I think may make a cool NFT on it's own, lol. Anyway, for these three NFT's you get to hear the full version first, but for any more I create, I have learned to use the unlockable for the full file and use the audio upload as a preview kind of thing... Anyway, hope you enjoy the set!

Remember if you purchase this NFT, you will be supporting the #Weedcash community as a whole as 50% of the sale goes to the @weedcash-fund

Link to Selling for 210 HIVE

Have a great day!

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That's a cool deal there.
Awesome work.

Canna-fest was so on fire 🔥🔥🔥 the bots had to call for the fire extinguishers 🚒 🚒🚒
210 hive and it will give me some ownership of the cover vinyl & ownership of the beat?
cause this deal is a breakthrough in disguise 🔥🔥🔥

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It’s a private rights piece so it is a singe edition piece of art. Yes, you get the cover, the recording, and the bonus GIF that is available when you purchase it. You can use it in a video or something if you want.