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I am on hive since 2 months and a half, mainly playing Rinsingstar Game, but more and more interested by the blogs, so i decided to make that introduction.

I am a French traveller and i went in many places (India, Niger, Ivory Coast, Senegal, New Caledonia, Fidji Islands, Thailand, Mayotte, Egypt, West Coast USA, Tahiti, North Africa, and almost all European countries)
Here is a pic of my last travel in Tahiti, before Covid ...


I am a gamer too, interested mainly by turn based RPG, and playing now Encased a very good "Fallout like" game.
But i have spent a lot of time in MMORPG, the one witch let me discover them will always stay in my heart: Dark Age Of Camelot.

I have some activity on Publish0x too with the same name.

I am a gambler too, still looking for the best martingale without success.

I am a trading amateur, playing a bit with margin trading, but i face many trading bots everywhere.

To finish i am a Fees Fighter always looking for the best way to avoid or reduce them on the different blockchains.


Hello! Glad to see you finally introduced yourself on Hive. Since you've travelled, have you seen the video of the opening of King Djoser's tomb? I'd love to visit that country when this is all over, and can't wait until things are back to normal. Stay safe and welcome to Hive!

I've left out the welcome mat for you so you'll feel right at home! :)


Thanks for the link, in Egypt i remember the amazing feeling of walking on the worn flagstones of archaeological sites on which the ancient Egyptians also walked.

Thank you for taking your time to introduce yourself.

You’re well traveled and the picture from Tahiti is very inviting:)

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It's a great travel destination, and spending time with locals is important to get the full experience. I stayed 6 weeks in RBnB homestays.

Did you try Splinterlands game on hive?

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Hi, i have tried a bit, but it's not for me.

Hello nice to meet you @servelle, I too plays Rising Star, and I think this game have a very huge potential to make some good earning. see ya around in Rising Star community sir :D have a great day, and keep on earning those STARBITS!! :))

Hi, great to meet you, Rising Star seems to have indeed a huge potential and the strategic aspect not very obvious at the beginning, should not be neglected, have fun !

Yay! 🤗
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