Verified Musicians Can Now Post Blogs, Mixes, and More on BlockTunes

5 months ago
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Hello everyone! We wanted to write this first post on the site to let everyone know that verified artists can now make blog posts to the BlockTunes site! We want BlockTunes to not just be another music distribution site or NFT market, we want to offer everything an artist would need to succeed!

Registered artists will see a couple of new things in their menus. First, you will see the Feed menu option. When a verified artist signs in, they will see a dropdown option on the Feed menu that will allow them to make a new blog post.

This will then take you to a standard Wordpress posting page that will look something like this...

If you have used Wordpress before, this may look familiar. This is where you will make your post! If you have music on Soundcloud, Mixcloud, YouTube or really anywhere you want to share, you can make your post here on BlockTunes!

Artists that have a Hive account will be able to connect their BlockTunes profile to their Hive account. When you post to BlockTunes, you will see an option on the toolbar on the side that gives you the option to Publish to Hive, as well as publish to our Discord server. We are using the EXXP plugin to make the connection with Hive! This will automatically monetize your post on Hive so it's worth looking into creating a Hive account if you haven't done so. If you decide to not create a Hive account, you can uncheck this box, or the post will be published to the BlockTunes Hive account and the post rewards will be sent to the BlockTunes DAO.

Adding your Hive account to your profile is easy. This is where the new menu option comes into play...

Verified artists will now see a Profile option in the My Account dropdown. This will take you to your profile on the backend that will allow you to enter your Hive information. All you need id your user name and your PRIVATE POSTING KEY. You will have to scroll down a a bit to find the EXXP Options.

There are allot of other options that you can fill out in your profile. Some will already be done for you when you sign up as an artist, but feel free to add in any other profile information you want.

Hopefully this feature will add another attraction for artists as this gives them a place to not only post their releases, but to get into the world of music blogging, podcasting and more. And with using the Hive blockchain, it can give artists another stream of income!

Check out what we are building for the future of the music industry here on!

Posted from my blog with Exxp :

i almost forgot blocktunes was a thing thanks for reminding me.

We have been building, but now it’s really time for marketing!

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