Another Model:Cycles Idea - Video + Music - A Quick Creation from Before Work

3 months ago
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I spent a little time today

with the Model:Cycles this morning before work, and wound up with an accidentally cool idea. I started with a pretty quick tempo, 145-ish BPM, and then added the snares and kicks. I experimented with some super fast retrigger settings, which I thought might be kind of goofy, but after layering everything else, totally worked out. The hats also have some fast 1/24, 1/32 retriggers, and a 60 something % chance on the whole track, giving it a constantly shifting, never repeating progression. Next up was the 3 tonal instruments, some chords, some plucky chord tones (sort of a melody), and a bass part. I wound up setting the length of these patterns to 40 beats, but then having them play at 1/4 the speed, which resulted in an interesting pattern, with the first 3 chords changing every 12 beats, and the last chord after 4 beats, playing an Ebmaj7, CminAdd9 (keeping the D on the top from the Ebmaj7), then an Abmaj9 without a 5th, and finally, a weird FminSus4 thing (I don't remember the exact voicing, but it worked out, adding a weird little dissonance that resolved nicely back to the top). Overall, a cool idea, and definitely an unintentional one, which I'm always good with.

Watch the video of today's Cycles' tune here...

Hope you enjoy!

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