'C36' - New Original Music - A Bit of Fun w/ the Model:Cycles and Microfreak Last Night

2 months ago
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I had a few random things

in Ableton I could share today, but I didn't particularly love them, so I figured a song + video would be a good choice in the meantime. I have been jamming with the Cycles as often as I can, although the Microfreak has been a bit neglected lately, so I intend to try and use it more when I am home and have some extra time. This was a pretty basic little beat on the Cycles, though Track 1 is a cool, super quirky synth sound which I downloaded recently; it's part of the demo set from 'Odd Quarks', a soundpack you can purchase from Elektron. I am tempted to buy some of these soundpacks, but they don't actually add anything that can't be done manually, they just provide presets essentially. However, the variation and ideas applied to these are out of my skill level with the Cycles, so it might be worth it, if only to have more jumping off points for my own sound creation exploration. I didn't do a lot with the Microfreak here, just picked a preset, changed it to the 'Waveshaper' instrument, and tweaked a few parameters. It isn't the most interesting jam, but I was having fun with it.

Check out C36: Cycles + Micofreak Jam here...

Hope you enjoy!

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