'C39' - New Original Music - Model:Cycles + Microfreak Jam from This Afternoon - Electronic/Instrumental

2 months ago
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I was doing some stuff with the

Cycles and Microfreak today, with this being the result. I sort of picked a Microfreak preset a bit at random, just scrolling through them and finding one that was 'decent', though I didn't spend any time tweaking it. The Cycles idea I like a lot more; this was a random thing I had started last week, and sort of forgotten, as I had created a few things afterwards, but after revisiting it, figured it deserved a jam. The basic progression in Pattern 1 just moves from our tonic of Bbmin to Gb, and in Pattern 2, Ebmin, to Gb, 2x, with an F added at the end of the second repetition. However, the rhythm/drums here are whats interesting. I had started imagining this in 5, and wound up with each 'segment' taking place over 3 bars of 5/4. It has a fast tempo, so in reality, feels like 15/8, which I was just counting as 1 through 7, with an extra 'and' after the 7, sort of stuttering us back to the top. I'll probably wind up using the Cycles portion of this, and try some other things with the Microfreak, cause I think this could become a lot cooler.

Also, sidenote, there is a GREAT Cyber Monday sale happening, with Ableton Live 11 Suite (the full package, with Max for Live, and all the instruments/effects)... it is $187 off the normal price, only $562, until tomorrow I believe, so last night I splurged and swooped it up! I'm excited to use a bunch of the new features, so I'll try and make a tune tonight to explore them, and share the results tomorrow, maybe do a little walkthrough including my first impressions!

Listen to C39 here...

Hope you enjoy!

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