'DX' - New Original Music - Playing w/ a New Arturia Demo, the DX7 - Electronic/Instrumental + Walkthrough

2 months ago
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I downloaded another Arturia synth

DX7 Synth Editing UI
demo last night, specifically the DX7, a classic '80s synth released by Yamaha. It became incredibly popular, and many of the presets became iconic sounds of the decade, used in all kinds of hit songs. While scrolling through it, I immediately recognized quite a few, and definitely will be using this in the future when I need that retro synth vibe. I started with Track 5, and initially went with a progression in E minor, though I abandoned that, and the little progression just became an intro essentially. The rest of the song is in D major, although I wasn't actually sure where it would go; I moved to Track 1, and outlined a progression that vamps on a little 3 note line, D to A, and then back and forth between E and that A, only returning to D at a few points. I still was sort of in the E minor mindset here, but after dropping in some other tracks, clearly playing in D major, I went that direction, which I think turned out pretty cool, at least thus far. I didn't add any drums, but overall, I like the idea, and I think some kind of percussion could be cool, though maybe not just a typical, straight-forward beat... I'll have to try some things and see what happens.

Screen Shot 2021-11-09 at 9.21.37 PM.png

Arturia's DX7 Demo

Listen to DX here...

Hope you enjoy!

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sounds nice! i had the yamaha version of the dx7, the tx802 and it was ridiculously hard to program, so i sold it and bought a sy 77 for about $50 more. im sure the software is easoer to use. those virtual arturia recreations sound great

Nice, I've never used one in real life, but a lot of those '80s synths are a nightmare to program, haha.

The arturia synths are SO much easier to deal with I'm sure. I've yet to actually purchase any of these, but the demos last for 20 minutes, and give you full access outside of saving parameter changes.

Thanks for listening!