Grapthar's Daily Hive Music Feature: Sevish - 'Gleam'

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Sevish - Gleam

I have shared some songs from

One of the few photos of Sevish online (Image Source)
electronic musician/producer Sevish a couple times here in the past, though at the time, finding a biography and images of him was almost impossible. Fortunately, there are now a couple (I mean, literally like 3) photos of him, which I was able to use, and a bio on Wikipedia and his website. Sevish is the stage moniker of Sean Archibald, an English musician and producer. He grew up a fan of video game music, and in his teens, began to delve into the worlds of microtonal music, releasing an album at age 16. He has since become a prominent name in the world of microtonal/alternate temperament music online, incorporating really interesting harmonic and melodic ideas with these strange tuning systems, along with odd/poly-meters, making his music incredibly dense and interesting. Many of his songs use timbres that are familiar to fans of electronic music, and more specifically the subgenre of IDM, but the use of microtonal tuning systems immediately gives everything he does a VERY different sound; to Western ears, this can feel 'out of tune' at first listen, but after becoming more accustomed, can start to be really cool. I must admit, my first listens were filled with confusion, as the harmonies were SO outside what I was used to, but over time, it's grown on me as I became more exposed to these sounds, and, admittedly, the general nerding out over tunings is a lot of fun. Today's song comes from his 2017 album Harmony Hacker, which is available to stream, and also on his bandcamp, This song uses a 22-tone octave (as opposed to our usual 12 tones), and a 5/4 meter, so it's a great example of his experimental style.

Listen to Gleam by Sevish here...


Sevish, Harmony Hacker (2017, Self-Released)

Enjoy today's song! Thanks for checking out my blog! Long live the Hive!

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