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This is just a bit of late night fun

Track 2, 4 and 5, Bass, Piano, and Plucky Sounds, Respectively
in Ableton, playing with a few different instruments. I started with 'Quad', one of the plug-ins included with Ableton; it provides 4 oscillators which you can pan individually. If you play single notes, it will alternate between them (or play them simultaneously, if that option selected), but playing chords with it gives you a full sound, if you pan all the oscillators across the spectrum. The chords played are pictured below. We're in Dminor, and play Dmin7, DminAdd9, Bbadd9, then Bb, C, and Bmin (I like this move here, the bVi, bVii, vi). The second time around, the first 3 chords are the same, then we have Bb, C to Dmin, using the tonic instead of the Bmin. Tracks 2 provides our bass line, which sticks to roots and fifths. Track 3 is the drums, which, because of the placement of chords across 3 bar sections, are built around loops of 6 beats, although we still feel like we're in 4/4 (or maybe 2/4). Track 4 adds some piano, specifically a LABS instrument, playing 2 note dyads. Finally, we have Track 5, an arpeggiator synth from ROLI, which plays short, single note lines, just adding some background elements.

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Track 1, Chords

Listen to QuadChord here...

Hope you enjoy!

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You really have a talent bro, I love your music!

Thanks! I appreciate it!