'Song 1' - New Original Music - My First Dive into Ableton Live 11, Exploring New Effects and Sounds - Electronic/Instrumentals + Walkthrough

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So this is my first exploration into

Finally able to use Max for Live Instruments/Effects
Live 11, though I don't love the idea overall... However, the drums I like a lot, so I'm gonna keep those and try and build something more interesting. Outside of the drums, I was mostly just exploring new effects and instruments. Since I finally have a full, legitimate version of Ableton, I now have Max for Live, giving me access to instruments I owned, but couldn't previously use; the drums are one of those, in Track 1, which provides our beat (we're in 5/8). I recorded this to Tracks 4 and 5, which are grouped together. Track 4 is just the original, dry drum beat, but Track 5 uses some awesome new effects, the Spectral Resonator and Spectral Time plug-ins, which allowed me to get some AWESOME sounds out of the drums... Unfortunately the other instruments drown that out a bit, so I need to make that more obvious in the next version. Track 2 was a plucky, synth sound, with which I used the 'Bouncy Notes' effect, another awesome new feature, which creates random progressions, with bouncy balls that drop onto a keyboard. You can control the weight of the balls, the gravity, their direction... it's a lot of fun, but doesn't fit with the drums, at least in this instance, so I'll have to explore some other ideas to replace this. The final 3 tracks were all just instruments from one of the packs included in Live 11, all bass sounds specifically. They also don't fit, but I mostly just wanted to try them out. I'll definitely work with these drums, and hopefully have something really cool to share soon!

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New Spectral Resonator and Spectral Time Effects on Drums, Track 5

Listen to Song 1 here...

Hope you enjoy!

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