'Tinkletown' - Original Music - A Very Early Ableton Attempt - Electronic/Instrumental

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I don't have anything new to share

today, though tomorrow I'm gonna spend some time jamming with the Elektron boxes, as I've got the afternoon off, so I'll be sure to share the results. For now, we're going with a Flashback Friday song. This was one of my early Ableton creations that I'd done on my own laptop with my own copy (albeit a pirated copy) of Ableton; prior to this, I'd been jamming and recording a lot with my friend, who had Ableton, a midi keyboard, and an array of 3rd party plug-ins and instruments (including Omnisphere). That was always fun, but whenever I'd leave his place, I'd immediately want to learn more about Ableton, and make songs, so I torrented a copy of Ableton 9, which was new at the time. I'd actually been using ripped copies up until this last year, when I decided to make the leap and buy the full version of Live 11, which definitely was a good decision, as there were tiny errors and weird quirks that I had just grown to accept in the pirated copies (also, couldn't update them at all, so I was stuck till the next major version). Anyway, this isn't anything spectacular, and I definitely didn't mix it particularly well (if at all, haha), but I still like going back to check out these older ideas, and in some cases, really like parts of them and think they could be useful in new contexts.

Listen to Tinkletown here...

Hope you enjoy!

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