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This week we have been very, very excited to reach 100 million Views on Giphy alone last week! We do not know how many views we have had on Tenor but if it near the same that means we would have had around 200 million gif views in less than a year of starting all this giffery!

We have made lots of gifs for different groups and tribes on Hive and we hope that by doing so we have supported them a bit, to add a bit of fun and also to gain exposure for Hive.

We consider anyone who owns one of our NFT as an honorary Stick Up Boy and part of the family!


Special edition NFT

This gif we made especially as an NFT to celebrate this land mark and we have minted 10 editions of the "100 million views special edition gif! You can buy a copy for 10 hive on NFT showroom here -

We did make a whole collection for 100 million views but this gif is only available on NFT showroom. We will do a post about the others soon once they are all uploaded!

100 million views special edition.gif

What does it take to make a gif?

We get a lot of requests for gifs and we love making them. A lot of people ask us how we do it and what we have to do. We basically use an iPhone and imgplay which is a paid iPhone app! However making the gifs takes a long time. We usually start with a list of things we want them to say! We then have to get props and costume together! We have a black briefcase with the SUB outfits and masks in. We often however want to add some extra things. In our latest set of gifs we added balloons, party poppers (which were rubbish) and party hats. So we had to go and buy them from the shops.

We then record them against a white background or a green screen. Green screen gifs take a lot longer and we then have to edit them into the green scree before we put them into img play. There are 7/8 different people in the gifs depending who is around the studio and hanging out!

Once this is all done we have to edit them and recolour them add text, logo, borders and all that stuff as well as crop them and edit them so they loop well! This can sometimes be a bit tricky!

Finally we have to do the really boring bit which is to upload them to Giphy and Tenor, and we have to add all the tags!

So all in all making a full set of gifs can take almost a day!

Big Thank You

We appreciate all the support and kindness we get from this community and please contact us and get to know us if you need anything, want to commission something or just need a laugh! We have lots more coming this year and it is a very exciting time for us as the team all come to Hive to engage, create and curate cool things! So you better watch out...the Stick Up Boys are coming...

all the masks.png


Big love

the Stick Up Boys



Congrats on 100 million views. That is an awesome achievement. I've said this before, I know, you guys have TOO MUCH FUN! The rest of us peasants need a license to have as much fun as you guys. Rock On!


Great job guys! I'm the proud owner of edition 3


As everyone is a stick up boy, everyone should buy one to celebrate :) <3


You had me at....NFT!

Owner of #10 right here!!!

You guys are legends!!!

Everyone should own at least one. Thanks for sharing.

I like your thinking....

GOT IT :D and the pizza one, i finally had some spare change and thought




this one 68k views on giphy lol untitled.gif

1k away from being NICE :)

damn missed it 71k sorry bro....

100 million views is no mean feat @stickupboys

Well done and keep that gif train a rolling 😉


Yay! 🤗
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Congrats you guys! Love that special edition gif, and holy hard work you are gifmasters! Hope you sell loads of NFTs, I need to get off my flintlocks and head over to the showroom!


Thank you!

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100 million views in a week? You guys are good. Before I met you sticks I barely ever used GIFs before. Now I speak to my own family in GIFs. Better than words.

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lol I hear ya gifs best form of communication! Out of interest this has had 5.8 million views....
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