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RE: Introducting BlockTunes - Tokenizing the Music Industry - Aggregate Service, NFTs, DAOs, and more!

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Super interesting, I work with not sure if u familiar with that project If you would like to connect with the team let me know would be my pleasure to introduce u, I also work with for music streaming with real time payment as music is being consumed and collaborations using smart contract among lots of other stuff. Check these out, look forward to see Blocktunes manifesting. Good luck and Salute


I haven't heard about moda, but being on ETH, I am already turned off from gas fees, lol. But it looks fairly similar to what we are trying to do but without the whole aggregate thing. Plus I have to VPN to sign up because they don't like the US, lol...I will have to do a deep dive a bit later on on my other machine.

But I am certainly interested in looking into Seems interesting...

We are looking to be a blockchain solution to CDBaby and Tunecore type of thing, except for blockchain based services.