Using and making Gifs update - how did we get to 4 million views in a month?

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Here we are on on Gif journey that has been going for a few months now. We love making and using gifs and we are definitely developing. We have quite a lot more planned over the next few weeks which we are very excited about! We are still shocked at the amount of views they get and wanted to celebrate the 4,000,000 views we crossed today!

You can find our Gifs on any search engine by searching stickupboys or you can see how collections on Giphy here or on
Feel free to use our gifs!

overall views

You can see now our total is 4.1mil and yesterday we have 138k views. The Peeks you can see are mainly because of the England football Gifs we made for the Euro 2020 championship. Also we have noticed that the views seem to go down at the weekend!


Top Gifs

Still at Number One is F You, we are planning some more errr offensive ones to make next week!

At number Five we have a new one which is Subscribe now, I can see how this is popular!

Now sure why Ouch is at number 8

We love this one at Number 14 and have used it a few time made for and inspired by @battleaxe

Nice to see a @risingstargame in at number 16

Always looking for making new Gifs and open to suggestions from anyone or if you want a personal collection of Gifs for a project then let us know!!!



the Stick Up Boys

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Awesome, nice to meet you in hive too. Let me invite you to use my tag #neoxian on your posts, then they will show up on my forum as well. It's my own tribe. In any case, wishing you the best!

Oh nice one, good to meet you too! Will check it out and share some stuff on bitclout, you should get some !PIZZA if you have not seen it. They good people.



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Loved these. You nailed your brand.

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Thank you we do music and video too! Have some !PIZZA and !LUV

I saw the music videos and can't see how you don't have a million views on Youtube. The day will come.

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