12 weeks on Hive - FAILED most of my goals but it's ok!

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For my 10 weeks on Hive post (the update before this) check out:

12 weeks and going strong! I guess I'm a Hiver now!

Read on for a summary of what I've been up to in terms of my goals (or in this case... not so much of my goals!). Plus my current Hive earnings/financial position and the plan for the next 2 weeks...


Finances Update

Hive Holdings

14 October28 October11 November25 November
Hive Power4590463551875314 1

Earnings - per week (in Hive)

Source14 October28 October11 November25 November
Rising Star @risingstargame141430.831.5 2
Diesel Pools (all the @hive.pizza ones)21.9816.89.211.2
Post Rewards28.516.543.134.33
Hive Engine (Author + Curation + Staking)??1.140.91
Delegation to @hive.pizza??1.31.1

1 The nice steady increase is a lot to do with participating in #HivePUM
2 My Starbits earnings have actually increased significantly due to nearly doubling my fans, but the price of Starbits is down during the current Hive pump so at time of writing my earnings translated into Hive didn't increase much.
3 I have changed the way I report this. Instead of taking the value for the last 7 days from https://hivestats.io/ I'm now taking the value for the last 30 days and dividing by 4.3 to give an average weekly amount over the last 30 days. This should help to even out this otherwise rather spiky statistic.

Goals Update

From last time my goals were:

  • Increase my fans in @risingstargame from 21,000 to at least 50,000!
    Good effort but NOPE. Erm. It turns out that was a super hard goal. I was expecting to have to bring in some extra money to fund it (which I did) but I had to settle in the end for 40,000 fans as the Ego increases were just too hard to manage. Still - I'm pretty happy with being close to doubling my fan base in 2 weeks and still loving the game!

  • Revise and increase my positions in Diesel Pools - looking to roughly double my overall exposure to them.
    I have completely FAILED this one too! There are reasons. With all the activity with Hive pumping and also with some learning and advice I received I ended up using my spare available funds for other investments (within Hive). The other reason was... buying a lot of Rising Star cards to try and meet my first goal! Still - this goal is still one of mine as there are some fantastic APRs to be had, especially in the @hive.pizza pools - and I've just seen that there is a new PIZZA:ONEUP Diesel Pool too!

  • Continue #HivePUM - either powering up at least one hive or posting a 100% HP Reward post every day during November!
    Not complete (since November isn't over) but I believe I'm still on track with this - it's a bit of a stamina one - meaning I had to have doing this high on my main personal todo list every single day of the month! I'm glad to be doing it but won't mind when the pressure comes off in December! That said looking at my HP increase - that's a lot to do with the consistency that doing Power Up Month brings - so I definitely recommend it and likely would do it again myself.
  • Continue to improve my reporting. (stats and accuracy, add APR figures where possible)
    Tiny Improvement Only. I've done the averaging out of the Hive Post and curation rewards thing (see above) but that's the only improvement. I really need to get a handle on how to track/account for the Hive Engine rewards because I don't understand the numbers I'm putting here. Hopefully one for next time...
  • Write another update post in 2 weeks!
    Well at least I 100% met this goal!

Next Goals

In the next 2 weeks:

  • I think it's going to be about NFTs! I will be minting at least 1 NFT of my music and 1 of some related artwork - these will be the first NFTs I've created so pretty excited about this!).

I have recently bought a music NFT (more about that below) but also I would like to set myself the goal to...

  • Buy my first Art NFT! I'm a bit overwhelmed by the choice out there - but I have to start somewhere!

  • Complete Power Up month! I'm on track so this one is almost in the bag!

  • Continue to improve my reporting. (stats and accuracy, add APR figures where possible) - I'm going to carry this one over to try and force myself to make some bigger improvements in my understanding and therefore my tracking/reporting for next time!

  • Write another update post in 2 weeks.

  • Last but not least: Don't fail my goals!

NB: Reaching 50,000 fans on Rising Star and Doubling my Diesel Pool positions are still my goals, but I'm not going to put a timeline on them for now as I've seen this week how things can change (I'm looking at you $1.8 Hive!) priorities and make it worth adapting my plans a bit.

Thanks and Shoutouts

Big hi and thanks to the Hive Pizza community and especially @thebeardflex and @hivetrending for making it all possible! And by all I mean - there is so much good stuff going on there that it's hard to keep up with! Latest update post is here to give you an idea.

Huge thanks to @stickupboys @creodas @theturtleproject and @pixiepost for getting involved with my music streams, giving me sound design challenges to do live and generally engaging with the stream and being lots of fun! THANK YOU!

Throwing loads of support towards the @nfttunz project which I've become aware of this week. I've bought my first NFT Music there. It's called Peace of Mind by @davidfar - I love it and I'm listening to it on repeat whilst writing this: https://app.nfttunz.io/market/davidfar_df-originals_peace-of-mind
It's early days for NFTTunz but I think great things are going to come of it!

That's it for now - I didn't meet many of my goals this time, but sometimes things happen and it's ok to adapt the plan in the short term. See you for another update in 2 weeks!

Happy Thursday Hive!


Goals are for losers!

An FA cup winners....

Ouch! Goals are for winners!

Just found you on NFT Tunz. Thanks for the shoutout of the project! =)

Hey - great to meet you and everyone else in NFT Tunz. Hoping to mint a track myself next week! It's exciting stuff - and there are some really fantastic musicians on NFT Tunz already!

Yeah you´re right! I`m excited about the page to, let´s see where this might go. Cool, looking forward to hearing your NFT! :)

Thank you! Yeah so pleased to have the opportunity to be on NFT Tunz near the start. Going to be an amazing journey.


You should reach dolphin status very soon. It's when the 'vests' value here gets to a ten million. That's a nice milestone.

I bought some stuff on nfttunz and I have a vinyl 'NFT' from Rising Star being sent from Canada. I just paid the postage in HIVE, which was less than it would have been a few days ago.

Rock on!


oh cool thanks for pointing that out. I knew it was soon and that is was in the region of 5,500HP but I didn't know exactly how to tell - now I do!

Ah cool that you bought the NFT with the physical vinyl. I have recently started a vinyl collection but currently only have a very old vintage record player. (which is cool but better for really old records).


Thank you so much my friend, I am glad that you liked my song, it means much to me :) <3

It's really really good! Listened to it a lot already! Keep up the amazing work!


Always a pleasure man, keep up the good work... love artists on the blockchain...


Thank you! Yeah lets get more artists of all kinds on Hive!


I'm always slightly dazzled by your progress reports. :)

Look forward to heading all about your NFT adventures, and particularly the minting of your own work. It's such an interesting time for creators...


Yes the NFT world is new to me and rather overwhelming - going to be both minting my own and buying. Will report back!

You are almost a dolphin in just a few months if you think you failed lol 🤣 I give up lol 🤣. I would like to do some nff likely art, guess i have lots to learn

Don't give up! For me I like setting goals and trying to meet them as a way of staying focused. This time - I had to change my plan but I'm pretty happy with where I'm at!
But anyway this is just how I work - I suspect that goal setting like this isn't for everyone.

You should definitely do some NFT art - all of your photography is stunning and your music super high quality so I'm sure whatever you did would be amazing. Check out @nftshowroom if you haven't already - really nice community and that's where I'm going to mint.

Have a lovely day!


Yes,I just need to sort out the technicalities and to know what rights you give for all the automatic processes we mentioned those would have to specifically be out spotify abd such, if not I may end up doing drawings with a music snippet made for it that is standalone.
Yes I need to make my art work now but I think i might lose the train cos I do not know how to buy a ticket lol. Just been overwhelmed to delve deeper

U too.... Have a lovely weekend

Ok I'm new at this but I think if you are self published rather than having a record deal then you have all the rights you need to publish your music and artwork as an NFT. If you have a record deal I think you would need to check with the record company.

To give you some ideas of where to start, I'm planning:

  • Traveller's Path as an NFT to be available to buy within @risingstargame - this will be exactly the same version as the one out on streaming services. It's on @stickupboys label Stick Up Music and they are here on Hive and totally up for NFTs!
  • A new instrumental version of one of my tracks to be available on @nfttunz - I've done a completely new version of the track for it so this one won't be anywhere else.
  • NFT Artwork related to Traveller's Path to be out at @nftshowroom. This isn't the same as the main track cover artwork as I wanted to do something a bit special/unique.

There are probably loads of options and as I say, I've not done this before. I'll be sure to write up a post about how it goes!

Thank you for all the tips, I really need to sit down and to study all these things. I am not technically signed to a label but hay have a non independent distributor, The Orchard. So when I sign my music to be distributed to digital retailers, most likely it creates automatically and ID as we mentioned, these happen for almost everyone on any official distribution. So that makes me think about making independent a snippets of music along with the heart that are not the ones that are your officially release. I really don't have the time to play games so I don't know if Rising star for me. I am kind of seed down at the keyboard make the song and get it out there, but that's accountants creates that I feel I'm out of the loop of things I'm missing a great opportunity. Dee's mom is quite overwhelming for me because of whiplash have got worse and I'm really struggling with vertigo and not feeling that well, so homework has piled I'm trying to get a little video finished before the last leaf falls because it's set in aAutumn and then put my Christmas is special like every year I've already late. But all these things are definitely in my checklist for next year. I do need to catch up

Hey - sorry to hear you are not feeling very well. Definitely no stress to add anything new then as you have so many other projects. I'm looking forward to your Autumn video and when the time is right let me know if you need any more pointers about NFTs (by then I'll have actually made some so might have more of a clue!)

Hope you feel better real soon...

Looks like you still did a great job to me mate. Big up.

Thanks! I changed plans but yeah I'm still happy with that I've achieved! Thanks for stopping by!

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