Music competition! Pick your favourite remix and win some Hives, POB, Vibes and leo - every comment gets a free pizza!

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Hi all, this weekend we released 9 remixes of the song " Make Me Beautiful" all in aid of raising awareness of Young Minds UK, you can donate directly here

I wanted to do a few blogs and competitions around this and the wonderful music involved while raising awareness of mental health. We are going to run this competition in a few different communities to help spread the message and also reward people with the relevant tokens for their community @proof-of-brain @leo @musicforlife. Also big up to @risingstar for their ongoing support of music on the blockchain!

This is the post with some more information


The competition bit

All you have to do is listen to the remixes and leave a comment of which is your favourite and why - the most interesting comments will win the prize!

1st Place 5 Hive 5 POB 5 Vibes and 5 Leo
2nd Place 2 Hive 2 POB 2 Vibes and 2 Leo
3rd Place 1 Hive 1 POB 1 Vibe and 1 Leo

Every comment will get a free Pizza @pizzaexpress

The competition will end 7 days while the post is open.

The songs

You can listen to all the songs on Spotify here please leave a like if you can:

We have already got some of the artists involved on Hive and you can check them out here @gribbles
@djjamesblack @stickupmusic @ambrosechappel so give them some love!



Big love

the Stick Up Boys

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now that is finally a contest for me - will open my ears now.

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@stickupboys - I admire the different styles. Listened to all and I have three favourites:

  1. @gribbles rings a music bell here

  2. - I see also here on the chain @ambrosechappel


No. 1 and 3 combine my love for Disco especially remind me of the good ole Philli and Motown Disco tunes kind of. No. 7 is kind of vocal housey music I really like.

My decision is for no. 3 though as it combines not only this Motown / Phili / Chic kind of sounds but also have new electronic dance elements. Well done to all 9.*

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A brilliant choice! Have some !PIZZA for now and thank you so much for listening and taking the time to comment



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Nice one all those that did remixes. The original is obviously the best.

What GIF-downsized.gif

I like @gribbles best lol I thought you would like anyone else's more after the 200 days you spent mixing our version....

stop it gif.gif

oh realy gif.gif



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I like the third remix. It has that Daftpunk vide to it.

tenor (5).gif

Pretty schmick.

nice one, we got big tune out with Ambrose next month @ambrosechappel

Thankl you so much.gif

Weird I thought I followed you already. Well followed now.

double followed nice one!

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