2,000 Starbits Giveaway!

11 days ago
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Thanks to everyone who entered! I was able to open another pack today and managed to complete a lot of missions.

Make sure to follow me for future giveaways!

Progress Report

  • I earned 5,000 Starbits from missions.
  • I won 3,000 Starbits in a giveaway. Thanks @pablodare!
  • My current rank is 204 - an improvement of five slots from yesterday.
  • I'm up to 6,399 fans.
  • I opened one pack.

Pack - 10-13-21.png

Giveaway Rules

  • Upvotes are appreciated, but not required
  • Leave a comment - make sure to include your username if it is different than your posting name
  • Only one entry per human

Results of Last Giveaway

We had 14 entries yesterday. Thanks for entering @rachaeldwatson, @dlmmqb, @astrocat-3663, @irisworld, @oxidil, @lofone, @maurojd, @whickey, @subidu, @mpoukovo, @saimaali, @lacandela, @amaillo, and @rafasete!

winner 10-13-21.png

Congratulations @subidu!

Good luck in the next draw!

If you aren't currently playing Rising Star - sign up through my referral link below! Feel free to message me for tips and maybe a gift to help you get going!



Count me in
Ign same as hive

Count me in

Add me for the next.

Please count me in^^

Great to see more games using HIVE and its community power. We just released 1UP, an outpost for blockchain gaming and NFTs, which will allow everyone posting about Rising Star, use the #oneup tag first in your posts, to earn the ONEUP token. Enjoy!

Count me in.

Thank you so much!!! ^^

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Count me in please :D @dubble

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I wanna try my luck again! @karkalitsos

Pls count me in

Thank you for this giveaway!
Count me in :) @mpoukovo

Count me in ! @amaillo

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